Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #05

Here’s Kae Serinuma as she’s getting gaga over Mirage Saga’s BL fanart at Pixiv, especially when it’s made by Nishina Shima!

And speaking of Nishina, Kae couldn’t forget about that damn kiss from last week’s episode!

Of course, whether Shima is serious about her advances on Serinuma, or it’s just a joke is up in the air.

Right now, Nishina is inviting Kae-sempai to a Mirage Saga-related event, which participants will make chocolate-based artwork of their favorite characters.

Then again, the likes of Nozomu Nanashima won’t let Nishina get close to Kae-chan after what happened in Ep. 4. C’mon, you don’t want your girl getting stolen by a mere dudette like Shima!

But let’s move onto making chocolate figures of various Mirage Saga characters at Nishina’s house.

Of course, the likes of Kae-chan couldn’t make a decent figure of her favorite character Shion. Come to think of it, Yuu Kobayashi’s horrible drawing continues to this anime series, albeit in 3D models!

On the plus side to it, looks like Kae’s artwork got a special award so it’s not a wasted effort.

Meanwhile, Yuusuke Igarashi is pretty much serious on dating Kae Serinuma as he’s fascinated by her cheerful and honest personality, although he got hooked by Serinuma’s current appearance back then.

Still, it’s nice that Igarashi is having the guts to make his move on Serinuma.

And speaking of Serinuma, seems that she made so much chocolate that Kae-chan ate all of the leftovers and returned to her original chubby form.

Quick, somebody play that scene where Shion died or pair up the boys for some hot yaoi action!

I mean look at it, Igarashi’s body is ready to slim Serinuma down by kissing Nanashima! But you know what, Kae’s weight will go down eventually…

See, she’s back to her current form as she’s getting excited to see Yuusuke kiss Nozomu-kun! As for Nanashima, looks like his first kiss was stolen…

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode!

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