Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #06

All right, take a guess on who is Magicaloid 44’s true identity? You might surprise you one bit!

This is Makoto Andou, a poor girl who works part-time job in order to sustain herself financially. Come to think of it, she’s gaining money from Sister Nana even though Magicaloid 44’s items are useless to begin with.

Meanwhile, there’s a battle going on between La Pucelle and Cranberry. They looked evenly-matched from the looks of it…

But it turns out that Cranberry is stronger that she enjoys killing magical girls than collecting candies!

Yeah, this Forest Musician is the most dangerous being of all next to Calamity Mary.

Anyways, La Pucelle has been killed by the Forest Musician, which is then covered it up by making La Pucelle’s death as an attempted suicide.

Since there’s no need to show the results of who collected the least number of candies, the number of magical girls has reduced to 13!

For Snow White (or Koyuki Himekawa), the fact that her childhood friend Souta Kishibe was murdered shocked her so much, that Snow White don’t want to be a magical girl anymore!

Oh yeah, there’s a new update today as magical girls can by limited items for the cost of their lifespan. Goddammit, Fav!

Meanwhile, seems that Hardgore Alice has found Snow White. I have a bad feeling that she’s gonna kill poor Snow White!

But then, someone cut Hardgore Alice’s head. I wonder who killed her?

Why it’s none other than Magicaloid 44 who rescued Snow White from Hardgore Alice… except that she’s here to kill Snow White too because apparently, Calamity Mary ordered Magicaloid 44 to do so.

Really, this smartphone game is getting darker and darker that becoming a magical girl is a curse!

However, someone stabbed Magicaloid 44 in the back and I have to say that she lost so much blood!

I don’t know whether it was another magical girl or maybe Hardgore Alice.

But the fact that the death of Magicaloid 44 (or Makoto Ando) has reduced the number of magical girls to 12!

Well everyone, that’s about it for this week’s episode. Being a magical girl is suffering…

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