Occultic;Nine Episode #05

Oh Yuuta Gamon, you’re making a fool of yourself by telling Sarai Hashigami that you didn’t kill Prof. Isayuki Hashigami, only for Sarai taking notice that you’re very suspicious!

Good thing Sarai didn’t just tell Yuuta that he’s the culprit behind his father’s death.

In fact, Sarai invited Yuuta to his home in order to find clues regarding Prof. Isayuki Hashigami’s murder.

Then again, I don’t think Gamotan is welcomed to the Hashigami residence, especially Sarai’s mother who has a ghastly appearance.

Anyways, Gamotan went straight to Prof. Isayuki’s room to find credible evidence…

…only to find out that all of Isayuki’s belongings were ransacked on the day of his murder. That’s unfortunate!

But then again, I think there’s one inside Prof. Isayuki’s room. All that Yuuta can do is look up the ceiling to find plugged holes that resemble some kind of code.

Meanwhile, here’s Ririka Nishizono as she’s accompanied by a pale-skinned boy, who happened to be the culprit behind Chi-chan or Chizu Kawabata’s disappearance.

You know what, I think that they’re the true masterminds behind the series of events in Occultic;Nine, from Prof. Isayuki’s murder to the mass suicide at Inokashira Park. Oh yeah and it might not be proven yet, but they’re originally going to kidnap Yuuta Gamon and make him disappear forever instead of Chizu Kawabata.

On the other hand, looks like Kiryu Kusabake warned Aria Kurenairo about being framed by someone else…

…someone like Shun Moritsuka who is following Yuuta Gamon ever since the day Prof. Isayuki Hashigami was killed in his office. Speaking of Gamotan, he almost got busted by Moritsuka, which is a close call by the way since Yuuta pulled out a key from Prof. Isayuki’s mouth!

But you know what, I suspect that Shun Moritsuka planned Prof. Isayuki Hashigami’s death so he can frame someone and get away with it. Hell, Moritsuka erased Prof. Isayuki’s dying message before calling the police.

Now let’s move onto Cafe Blue Moon where they finally found the answer regarding the code that was found at the ceiling.

It turns out that the series of dots are actually Baudot code and upon deciphering it, the code leads to the list of 256 victims in the Inokashira Park incident. Once more, seems that Sarai found another clue upon seeing a page from Ririka Nishizono’s doujin manga, which the number “3315728” corresponds to the letter combination “EEQTUWI”.

While it’s unclear whether the letter combination leads to the real culprit, but I’m sure that Gamotan and his friends are being involved in a huge conspiracy! Let’s hope that they won’t get killed on the next episode…

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