Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #06

Here’s Archduchess Ortfiné and Izetta as they’re eating Kirsch Pie at a local cafe in secret.

It would be long before the locals found out about their presence. But hey, it’s nice to see eating pies together in these harsh times!

Meanwhile in Germania, Ricelt has recruited a fighter pilot named Basler for the 8th Design Division.

The reason why Ricelt chose Basler for Germania’s skunk works group is because he’s the only pilot who fought against Izetta during Episode 2.

Also, Basler is the perfect guy to pilot this experimental fighter plane. Should have been jet-powered since Germania is at the fore-front of technology!

On the other hand, Berckmann went to the 9th Design Division as they’re the right people to deal with magic and other supernatural phenomenon.

Also, Berckmann is waiting for the spy’s report…

Said spy is trying to fetch out secrets from Jonas at gunpoint. And by the way, Jonas is the one who heard from Siege that Izetta’s magic is limited.

You know what Jonas Gallea, you should keep those secrets to yourself. What an idiot!

Fortunately, Sieg’s secret intelligence group has arrived to apprehend the spy. Whether they’ll succeed or not is up to them!

Speaking of Sieg, he approached Jonas and questioned the private on his loyalty to Eylstadt. Jonas said yes that he loves the country that he’ll sacrifice for defending it!

Anyways, Sieg is impressed by Jonas’ courage but instead of saving the private…

…he just killed Jonas in order to keep Izetta’s weaknesses a secret. SIEG!!!

Damn, I can’t believe that Sieg goes to great lengths to keep the White Witch’s secrets to a select few. Poor Jonas Gallea, he’ll surely be missed!

Next episode will have Izetta and Archduchess Finé travel to Britannia.

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