WWW.Working!! Episode #06

Well everyone, it’s Valentine’s Day and Daisuke Higashida will have to toughen up his body, in order to eat Hana Miyakoshi’s bizarre chocolate.

Then again, it’s different this time…

…as Miyakoshi got some help from Rui Nagata, who she thinks that Hana has a crush on Daisuke.

Really Naga-tan, there’s nothing going on between Miyakoshi and Higashida!

Speaking of Higashida, he collapsed again. I guess Rui’s help didn’t dilute the poison that is Hana’s chocolate.

Oh yeah, and I’m sure that he’s going to the River Styx or some purgatory…

Just kidding, Daisuke was greeted by St. Valentine so it’s not like he’ll die with just a botched home-made chocolate!

C’mon, Higashida will be back on the next scene or so.

Speaking of the next scene, here’s Yuuta Shindou as he’s being the masochist in front of Shiho Kamakura.

Also, Shiho-chan brought her katana but unlike Yachiyo Todoroki, she’s gonna use it to kill Yuuta-kun after being rejected when they’re just kids. Scary stuff!

Oh yeah, and here’s Tasaka-san as he teaches this new recruit on becoming Shiho’s bodyguard. After all, the Kamakura family is rich and you don’t want Shiho getting kidnapped for ransom!

By the way, seems that this white-haired guy doesn’t want to see his face…

…until Sayuri Muranushi appeared out of nowhere. Seriously, Muranushi is very scary especially her killer smile!

But then suddenly, this white-haired guy got noticed on Sayuri’s presence and his face is finally revealed!

This is Daichi Saitou who is actually Sayuri Muranushi’s classmate back in elementary school.

Anyways, Daichi couldn’t believe that Sayuri is working at Wagnaria, and I have to say that he has some unpleasant memories of her especially when Saitou saw Muranushi’s killer smile.

By the way, his hair wasn’t originally dyed to white as it turns out that after seeing Sayuri’s smile, Daichi’s hair went white in fear!

On the other hand, seems that Shiho Kamakura is angry that her bodyguard Daichi Saitou is doing insubordination. Good thing she didn’t fire him or cut his head!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode. I hope Saitou-san is okay after this…

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