Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #05

Here’s a new character introduced on this episode. This is Shouhei Shirai who is just a normal high school student.

Little did they know is that Shouhei has a secret hobby…

And that’s being a Selector as Shouhei has a LRIG named Donna. I have to tell you, she’s eager to do BATTORU!

Also, Shouhei Shirai is actually Chinatsu Morikawa’s classmate and it turns out that he was once a soccer player. However, Shouhei got in a accident since middle school until he was saved by Chinatsu.

Now, Shouhei is dueling other Selectors for fun… until he realized that doing BATTORU is bad as losers feared that their identities will be erased forever. Well, I have to say that Shouhei is very cautious on challenging other Selectors unlike Chinatsu though.

Meanwhile, Suzuko Homura is being challenged by another Selector. I wonder who is Suzuko’s opponent?

Why it’s none other than Hanna Mikage as she and her LRIG Nanashi are taking on the newcomer… or should I say “naive” WIXOSS player.

By the way, “Bookmaker” Kou Satomi set this battle up because it’s fascinating. Scratch that, Kou Satomi wants to see Suzuko Homura suffer a humiliating defeat!

In any case, it seems that Hanna takes advantage of Suzuko’s naivety and anxiety over Chinatsu, as she utterly destroys her opponent without remorse!

And yes, Ril is suffering thanks to Suzuko’s indecisiveness. So with Hanna Mikage getting closer to earning 5 gold coins, looks like Suzuko Homura will have to fight for herself now that Chinatsu Morikawa already dissed her.

And speaking of Chinatsu, I think she’s getting desperate of gaining money for her dreams, other than getting all 5 coins in order to alter Chinatsu’s memories for a better.

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  1. Karandi says:

    I wonder if they actually do get to alter their memories and more importantly whether it makes a difference? Does everybody have their memory of an event altered if you get 5 coins (otherwise what would be the point)? Really hoping now that Hanna has 4 coins that we are close to finding out what twist lies ahead for those that achieve the 5 coin target.

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