Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #10

Sorry for the delays regarding Episode 10, but let’s just say that I got very mad against Johann.

You see, he put Yui to another dimension where nobody remembers her. Isn’t it great, that bastard just cut her off!

That’s until Tia and Sara came to the rescue. Actually, both girls got some help from their big sister Noa, but I’m glad that these two remembered Yui!

Unfortunately, seems that while Yuinshel is away…

…Ruks Ex Machina is activated, which is a giant satellite that encapsulates the planet.

Well, it’s not a giant Orochi-esque robot but at least the satellite has eight limbs. Also, Ruks Ex Machina’s powers is not in full capacity as the three Regalias are intact.

But that’s okay for Johann as it’s enough to destroy Earth while watching closely from a distance. What a fucking asshole he is!

Meanwhile, there’s still some hope as Rena is contacting Yui via her ring, which was given to the Empress back in Episode 1.

Well actually, Yuinshel Asteria received the two rings from her mother, which Rena took one ring and made into a pendant for Yui as a present back in the first episode. But hey, those two rings are essential to find Yui…

…and use Magna Alecto’s astral form to fetch her up along with Sara and Tia. Well, at least there’s some light at the end of Johann’s tunnel!

In any case, see you on the next episode. Damn, I hate Johann!

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