ViVid Strike! Episode #06

Well it seems that the sparring match between Mikaya Chevelle and Fuuka Reventon have been cut short. However…

Nove Nakajima got some good news as the Nakajima Gym are invited for the Under-15 championship, also known as the Winter Cup!

Meanwhile, here’s Miura Rinaldi as she’s preparing for the upcoming Winter Cup.

On the other hand, it turns out that it’ll be the last time Miura will compete in the Under-15 category, as she wanted to face Vivio Takamachi and Einhart Stratos before retiring. Let’s hope that Miura can reach her dreams.

Now then, it’s time for the Under-15 tournament where competitors fight for the Winter Cup trophy.

Let’s start off with Fuuka Reventon as she makes her astonishing debut against Karna Maven…

…ending it with a quick knock-out against the challenger. Well, I have to say that Fuuka’s debut match went smoothly with a victory!

And now for the main event as Miura Rinaldi faces off against Rinne Berlinetta.

I have to say that I’m worried about Miura, but it seems that she’s doing fine against Rinne…

…knocking her out two times. Then again, I think that Miura’s strength isn’t enough to put Rinne down.

In fact, it turns out that Rinne beefed up her defenses and endurance in order to fight for longer periods. Yeah, Rinne is well-rounded and still kicks ass in a brutal manner!

Basically at this point, Miura Rinaldi’s time at the tournament was cut short when she got a nasty blow that destroyed her rib-cage.

And then it was followed by an uppercut that knocks Miura out towards the canvas.

Well, it’s painful to watch the final seconds of the match and while I have to give kudos to Miura for her valiant effort, it’s simply wasn’t enough to beat a prodigy like Rinne Berlinetta.

In any case, Miura Rinaldi has been defeated and her career at the Under-15 category is over. Of course, I’m worried that she won’t compete anymore due to her broken ribs, but it sucks that her dreams of facing both Vivio and Einhart have been crushed!

On the other hand, Rinne Berlinetta will face Vivio Takamachi and it seems that Vivio’s strategy against Rinne won’t work anymore unless she got lucky the second time around.

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