Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #06

After winning a spot for the national competition, Kitauji High School is celebrating on their accomplishment by holding a school festival!

Unfortunately for Kumiko Oumae and her friends, their maid cafe has no customers so they tried to promote it… with little success. I feel bad for Kumiko-chan.

Meanwhile, looks like both Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki are getting closer to each other. Still, whether Nozomi will join as one of the regulars remains to be seen.

On the upside though, Kasaki has officially returned to the concert band club!

In any case, here’s Kumiko Oumae as she visits Reina Kousaka’s classroom which they set up a haunted house.

On the other hand, going inside by herself is a bad idea. Might as well find a partner to get out of the haunted house…

…like Shuuichi Tsukamoto for example. He’s the guy that Kumiko can rely on, but I doubt it since Shuuichi is just a friend to Kumiko!

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about Reina Kousaka as she’s dressed up as a ghost lady. Nobody wants Kumiko Oumae getting touchy by others!

This includes Shuuichi Tsukamoto where he’s terrified at Reina’s ghastly look. Well, at least she tried to scare Shuuichi away from Kumiko-chan!

With that said, the school festival at Kitauji is over as school is out by tomorrow due to typhoon.

Meanwhile, I forgot to tell you that Kumiko has an older sister named Mamiko who is currently attending in college.

Sadly, Mamiko Oumae will drop out of college due to some unfortunate circumstances. Some say that she has a boyfriend and got pregnant, but we’ll never know what truly happened.

But let’s move onto the next scene as Kumiko wants to clear her mind from her sister’s dilemma by going outside, even though she was advised to stay indoors.

Then again, Kumiko doesn’t care if the wind is strong as long as she stays away from Mamiko for the time being.

On the other hand, Kumiko found Taki-sensei as he buys some flowers during the ongoing storm. I wonder what he’ll use for?

Well it turns out that Noboru Taki is giving those Italian Whites to his late wife. How touching that Taki-sensei is remembering his beloved.

Also, there’s more insight into why he joined Kitauji as a club advisor. It appears that his wife and Masahiro Hashimoto are former students of Kitauji High School and they dreamed of turning their alma mater into claiming gold at the national concert band competition, only to be swept away with the passing of Noboru Taki’s spouse.

But now, seems that Taki-sensei is carrying his late wife’s dreams of claiming the prize for Kitauji, of course the concert band club will need to be stronger in order to claim gold!

For now, the storm will begin to pass as Kumiko Oumae heads home while looking forward for tomorrow.

Let’s hope that there’s no dramatic storm on the next episode ’cause they need to get focused for the national competition!

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