Wake Up, Girls! – Shadow of Adolescense

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Wake Up, Girls! and while these 7 idols from Sendai didn’t win the Idol Festival, at least there’s a consolation prize for it…

Such as getting a one-year contract from Bvex. Isn’t it great, Mayushi and her friends are becoming popular now!

As Carlos Kamoda point out, they’ll do whatever it takes to promote the idol club within one year.

So, the girls are put into intense training, especially Airi Hayashida, in order to produce great results from the making of their promotional video, to the recording studio where they’ll sing “7 Girls War” as their major debut.

I have to say, it’s tough being a Sendai-based idol especially when they’re surrounded by professional musicians. But in any case, I think they’ll pull it through!

Meanwhile, looks like the staff at Green Leaves are visiting old friends in Tokyo starting with Kouhei Matsuda.

Well, his life was changed when he met Mayu Shimada and the rest of Wake Up, Girls! Now, Matsuda-san wants to help them on achieving their dreams.

On the other hand, here’s Tooru Shiraki who is the producer of I-1 Club. Oh yes, he got a visitor at this hour…

…who is none other than Green Leaves Entertainment president Junko Tange. While she told Shiraki that her idol group will do their best in Tokyo, let’s just say that I-1 Club producer warned Tange-san that Wake Up, Girls! will have its anti-climatic end if they screwed it up, much like Shiraki’s previous idol group Saint 40.

Well, I have to say that Tooru Shiraki is basically the jerkass expy of Yasushi Akimoto. But here’s the thing though and while Saint 40 is the Onyanko Club on this anime series, I feel that Junko Tange was once a member of that group as she got an interesting reaction upon looking at Saint 40’s group picture.

Then again, we’ll never know as the present is important than the past!

Anyways, their Tokyo debut was a moderate success as Wake Up, Girls! got 6th place in the Oricon Weekly Rankings. With that said, their future looks bright.

As for I-1 Club, their latest single has reached the No. 1 spot, but failed to reach 1 million copies. For Shiraki and his record label Queen Records, it’s a big deal as they want to meet everyone’s expectations on these harsh times. After all, Japan suffered disasters and financial crises.

So, Producer Tooru Shiraki has decided that I-1 Club’s next single will have two teams competing. Team S will be led by Shiho Iwasaki, while Team M will be led by the newcomer Moka Suzuki. Whoever wins will become the new center for I-1 Club.

As you can see, Shiho Iwasaki became the center after Mayu Shimada left I-1, but now her position is being threatened by a new generation so it seems that she’ll do anything to retain her center position.

Meanwhile for Wake Up, Girls!, it appears that their time in Tokyo is starting to become a disaster as the management at Bvex has pushed their marketing with the second single, only to back out in the end.

And without the backing of Bvex, the girls have no other choice but to sell the single by themselves, even though the song “Sugao de Kiss Me” is a step-down to their previous one. I guess Bvex wants Tasuku Hayasaka’s songs in the end.

But nevertheless, they didn’t give up and return to Sendai as Mayushii and her mates continue to attract the audience, regardless of the circumstances. I mean, they left their hometown from Tohoku region to make it big across the country, so returning to Sendai without accomplishing anything is very shameful!

Fortunately, seems that Hayasaka-san saw that Wake Up, Girls! are so stubborn to make a lasting impression instead of becoming a one-hit wonder, that he decided to help them out by giving them a new song in time for the upcoming Idol Festival.

Well, seems that despite being a jerkass, Tasuku Hayasaka still wants to help Mayu Shimada and the rest of WUG. Of course, the rules have changed as for the first time ever, two teams from the I-1 Club will participate in the Idol Festival so it’ll be a toughest battle yet for Wake Up, Girls!

The next movie will be the conclusion so until then, let’s hope that the 7 girls from Sendai will succeed!

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