Brave Witches Episode #05

Here’s some new characters introduced on this episode, starting with Georgette Lemare where she’s being glomped by the countess Waltrud Krupinski!

By the way, Georgette loves to clean rooms as her family owns a boarding house, but it seems that she’s a bit shy to others.

On the other hand, here’s Sadako Shimohara as she’s the best cook around the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, although Sadako wanted to show that she can put up a fight against the Neuroi.

Now then, both Georgette and Sadako-san are crossing over Lake Ladoga and heading towards Petrozavodsk for a reconnaissance mission.

Oh yeah, and Hikari Karibuchi is joining both veterans too because she needs to have experience in fighting against the Neuroi, although it’s a bit chilly upon reaching Petrozavodsk. Then again, there’s no snowstorm to begin with…

That’s because a giant fan-shaped Neuroi did it. It looked goofy, but don’t get fooled by its silly appearance!

In fact, the Neuroi is freezing Hikari Karibuchi to death. On the other hand, I think she shouldn’t charge towards the enemy without hatching a plan!

Then again, both Georgette Lemare and Sadako Shimohara are sitting ducks as their weapons and Striker Units stopped working due to the sheer cold.

Damn, that’s sucks for both Brave Witches!

In any case, Hikari is dropping down but not being splattered to death. This soon followed by Georgette and Sadako-san as they crashed towards the ground.

Still, she’s barely breathing and the only thing that Georgette can do is to treat Hikari’s injuries and warm her up!

Back at Petersburg, things aren’t looking good for the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing without Shimohara.

Without Sadako’s cooking, they’re settled with eating crappy meals especially when Waltrud Krupinski made one. I feel bad for them!

Back in Petrozavodsk, seems that the girls have found a decrepit tank as their shelter and found some oil-soaked tree barks to light up a fire for warmth.

As for Hikari Karibuchi, she’s fine after Georgette Lemare warmed Hikari up with her magic!

Anyways, seems that the snow storm has passed, but it looks like the Neuroi has moved to Petersburg.

Well, that’ll be bad if the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing are stuck in a blizzard!

So, they come up a plan to defeat the Neuroi by burning it up. While Hikari and Georgette gather fuel…

…Sadako-san is making a bow and fire arrows. Although they’re making primitive weapons, at least it’s better than having none of it.

Now then, the three witches are heading back to Petersburg and confront the Neuroi head-on.

Then again, it’s hidden within the cloud and they need to go inside the eye of the storm.

There is some risks involved, but the cold never bothered those witches anyway!

With that said, Sadako fires her arrow while Hikari and Georgette throw their fuel cans towards the Neuroi.

And lo and behold, the enemy is burning up that it couldn’t freeze the witches up.

It won’t be a matter of time before Shimohara shoots the core, which destroys the fan-shaped Neuroi from turning Petersburg into a winter wasteland!

Anyways, Petersburg is safe thanks to those three. Oh yeah, and it looks like the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing wants to eat Shimohara’s cooked meals again, especially when she cooks Fusou cuisine!

Well then, I’ll see you next week. And one more thing, looks like Hikari Karibuchi is making new friends… except for Naoe Kanno.

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