Fune wo Amu Episode #05

This is Mitsuya Majime and while he’s busy working with “The Great Passage”, Majime has some time to make a love letter to Kaguya Hayashi.

But first, Mitsuya needs some advice from Masashi Nishioka who is stunned upon receiving his 15-page love letter. Wow, I have to say that Majime has more words to say just to be Hayashi’s boyfriend!

As for Nishioka, he’ll help his buddy out but it appears that Masashi has bigger problems to face…

…like this guy who told Masashi that he’ll be transferred to the PR Department next spring. Damn, what a big blow to the Dictionary Editorial Department if that happens.

And to rub some salt, he told Nishioka to revise a children’s dictionary because it’s profitable than making a dictionary from scratch. But you know what, Mitsuya Majime will revise a grade-school dictionary as a stepping stone to the Dictionary Editorial Department’s magnus opus. After all, Genbu Shobo is currently aiming for short-term profit gains.

Still, it’s sucks that Masashi will part ways with Mitsuya next March, but he’ll finish “The Great Passage” before the transfer!

Meanwhile, looks like Kaguya Hayashi got startled as she’s greeted by Mitsuya Majime, where he gives the revised love letter to her.

Let’s hope that his feelings are conveyed to Kaguya-san, but still it would be better if Mitsuya confessed to her like a man! Then again, Majime’s awkwardness might fail him.

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