Stella no Mahou Episode #06

On this week’s episode, the SNS Club have arrived at the doujinshi event in Akihabara. Good thing Ayame Seki didn’t screw it up with the schedule!

On the other hand, looks like Tamaki Honda will need her charm to attract customers. Put on the bunny ears, Tamaki!

Fortunately, looks like a customer is interested in buying one copy of SNS Club’s latest game Magic of Stella.

Trouble is that the customer is requesting Tamaki to sketch a character from the game to her sketchbook.

Well, I have to say that it was awkward, but I think Tamaki-chan can do it!

Meanwhile, Yumine Fuda pays a visit to the SNS Club booth to see if her friend is okay. Well actually, Yumine wants to take a picture of Tamaki’s cute look!

Also, she’s here at the event to buy some yaoi doujinshi. After all, Yumine is a rabid fujoshi!

Anyways, the doujinshi event is done as the SNS Club have sold 13 copies of their latest game. Meanwhile, Kayo Fujikawa paid a visit to see if her club-mates are doing great.

But judging from Tamaki’s face, I have to say that they did a good job selling Magic of Stella to the visitors.

On the other hand, where’s Shiina Murakami?

Oh, she got a fever after toiling for hours. Then again, it’s just that the large crowd is suffocating her, but I have to say that Shiina will be fine!

In any case, it’s mission accomplished and let’s hope that the SNS Club can make another game for the upcoming event.

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