Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #11

Well, looks like Kei and Ingrid are having trouble stopping Ruks Ex Machina as it turns out that they must destroy three Regalias that protect Johann’s ultimate weapon.

Worse of all, seems that Kei and Ingrid are fighting against Sara and Tia’s big sister Noa, who’s being controlled by Johann because all of the souls inside Ruks Ex Machina belong to him.

Oh yeah, and this is Noa by the way where she briefly regained her consciousness to send Sara and Tia away from Ruks Ex Machina before Johann took control over her again.

Ugh, I hate Johann for manipulating people for shits and giggles!

And speaking of Johann, he’s telling Yui that Rena won’t return as a human anyone and he blames her for it.

Really Johann, you’re just lying because you want to torment Yuinshel until she’s emotionally broken!

Meanwhile, both Tia and Sara are preparing to unleash Aurea Tisis’ ultimate attack that will rescue Noa from Johann’s control.

Of course, they need to charge up first which leaves Aurea Tisis in a vulnerable state.

Good thing Xeno Megaera is stalling Noa until both Sara and Tia are ready to stop their sister.

Back to Yui as she’s inside Magna Alecto’s conscience and while she finally reunited with Rena, Yui told Rena that she wants to stay with her sister forever.

C’mon Yui, Johann is just tricking you and as for Rena, she’ll stay with you no matter what form she has! In fact, I think a miracle will happen when Rena regained her human form.

Regardless, Magna Alecto is finally back as thanks to their sisterly bonds, this Regalia is ready to fight again!

And look, Rena is back in her human form! Although I’m not sure if she can have that form after this final battle.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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