Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #06

Oh Asuma Mutsumi, he’s such a smooth criminal as Mutsumi-sempai is checking to see if Kae-chan has a fever, which she doesn’t by the way.

So what’s up with Serinuma lately? Did she finally moved on towards Shion’s death in Mirage Sage? No!

It turns out that Kae-chan fell in love with a character named Akane from Katchu Ranbu, which is Touken Ranbu except that it turns armors into handsome men.

And to give you an idea of what Katchu Ranbu is…

Here’s Akane getting touched with his lord by accident. Once Akane’s lord touched him…

…he became a suit of armor that his lord will wear it in battle. And that’s Katchu Ranbu in a nutshell.

All fujoshis are nuts on watching this new anime series that they’re making pairings right off the bat!

Unfortunately, seems that there’s a bit of a problem as both Kae Serinuma and Shima Nishina are arguing on who’ll be the seme and/or uke.

While Nishina prefer to have Akane on top of the Lord, Kae-chan chose the Lord as the seme over Akane. Yeah, it’s a fujoshi thing!

But eventually, they reconciled and decided that both Akane and the Lord are so versatile, that whoever is on top will be fine as long as you don’t pissed them. I blame Hayato Shinomiya for being a blunt idiot when it comes to yaoi!

On the other hand, it appears that Shima Nishina came from a prominent family, and everyone is paying attention to her brilliance that it sickens her… until Nishina met Kae-sempai by chance. Good thing they became buddies after their meeting in Ep. 4 or they might end up being strangers to one another!

In any case, I’ll see you next week…

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