Occultic;Nine Episode #06

Here’s Touko Sumikaze as she called the kids about a cursed box hidden somewhere in Kichijoji.

Called the kotoribako, it says that uses female beast’s blood and body parts of various children in order to make the curse stronger. Although it affects only women and children, I think the kotoribako applies to everyone!

Meanwhile, Aria Kurenairo has appeared unexpectedly when Yuuta Gamon and his friends are connecting the dots between Ririka Nishizono’s doujin manga and some of the event that happened on this anime series.

For Miyuu Aikawa and Ryoka Narusawa, they’re surprised to see that Kurenairo is here at the cafe. But for Yuuta Gamon however, his reaction turned into horror as he’s scared of being cursed by Aria!

Meanwhile for Sarai Hashigami, he doesn’t give a shit about Aria Kurenairo and her black magic because he’s an ultra-realistic person.

That’s until Aria brought her devil companion Kiryu Kusakabe to spook on them, but Sarai wasn’t convinced about Kurenairo’s magic as it could be a trick or some electrical faults.

By the way, the cafe has no faulty electrical wiring, which means that Aria is not messing around! Also, Aria told Gamotan and his buddies that the kotoribako is located somewhere in Anmeiji and a pale-skinned boy is holding it. I don’t think it’s a good idea!

Anyways, they went to Anmeiji Shrine where they found a person. And like I’ve said earlier, it’s a bad idea…

…because it turns out that this is the boy who kidnapped Chizu Kawabata and made her disappear.

I’ll tell you something about this kid, he’s creepy as fuck! Also, the boy is holding the kotoribako but opening it will be a bad idea.

That’s because what’s inside the kotoribako is actually the remains of Chizu Kawabata, and Miyuu Aikawa is getting hysterical about her friend’s death.

Well, it’s confirmed that the pale-skinned boy has shoved Chi-chan into the cursed box!

Meanwhile, seems that there’s an ominous group who has links to the mass suicide at Inokashira Park.

It turns out that the incident involving 256 victims is a way to achieve immortality by moving humanity away from their physical bodies. Of course, I don’t know if they can accomplish that!

Lastly, here’s Gamotan as he’s trying to decipher the Baudot Code into identifying the names of the victims.

So far, Yuuta got 70 persons identified until he found his name on the list of victims. Wait, this isn’t possible as Yuuta Gamon is alive!

Until the voice from his old radio told him that it’s actually true. So basically, what happened in Episode 3 when Gamotan got attacked by a devil got himself killed.

And when he saw his name on the TV screen, seems that Yuuta Gamon is actually living in purgatory. Damn, what a twist to this story!

In any case, looks like we got ourselves a mind screw in Occultic;Nine and next episode will turn our heads around!

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