Sangatsu no Lion Episode #06

Here’s a character that’s giving Rei Kiriyama some advice, although he’s trying to become a professional shogi player but end up being a high school teacher.

Sitting beside Kiriyama is Takeshi Hayashida, who told Rei that there’s shogi player who has gone pro at a young age, just like our gloomy protagonist. Kiriyama-kun, don’t be sad all the time!

Speaking of Kiriyama, it appears that he met this particular player before when Rei was a child. Then again, Rei doesn’t remember that player much…

Anyways, this is Touji Souya who became a professional shogi player when he was in middle school. He’s one of the current master of the game, winning prestigious titles whenever Touji-san competes.

Oh yeah, and while everyone expects Rei Kiriyama to follow in Touji Souya’s footsteps, seems that our protagonist is in a slump right now. But you know what, should Kiriyama overcome his emotional scars, I think he’ll become one of the greatest shogi players around!

For now, he’s taking it slowly as he mingles with the Kawamoto family. I mean, Rei is being taken cared of by the likes of Akari-san…

…and even Hinata. Of course, Rei-kun is treating her at the moment but let’s just say that Hina-chan is worried about him!

That’s until Hinata saw her crush Yuusuke Takahashi, which she became flustered upon meeting a tall and handsome baseball player.

See, Hina-chan couldn’t believe it that she slurp her drink away, got spilled, and ran away towards the comfort room! I hope Hinata will be okay…

On the other hand, Rei Kiriyama is nervous on talking to Yuusuke Takahashi. I mean, Yuusuke is taller than him despite being a middle school student! Let’s hope Rei-kun will be fine on the next episode.

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