Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #06

Here’s Chinatsu Morikawa as she’s eager to challenge other Selectors until she gets all 5 coins. Everything has changed coming from her!

On the other hand, seems that Chii-chan got a new part-time job. I wonder who’s her employer?

Why it’s none other than the Bookmaker himself Kou Satomi, where he told Chinatsu to recruit other Selectors so that he can arrange them for a battle.

Oh and Satomi-san will reward Morikawa for inviting one Selector…

…like this little girl named Rio Oshiba and her LRIG called Mama. The reason why Rio-chan called her LRIG as Mama is because she lost her mother from disease.

Then again, I feel bad for Rio Oshiba because she’ll be forced to fight while Kou Satomi makes a profit out of those battles. Pretty cruel, huh?

Meanwhile, Suzuko Homura is thrust into another BATTORU and with one gold coin left, she needs to win or her existence will be gone!

Now then, let’s see what kind of Suzuko’s opponent she’ll be facing on this episode?

Oh shit, it’s her friend Chinatsu Morikawa and she’s reaching closer to achieving her dreams with one more coin to collect.

On the other hand, Chinatsu hated Suzuko for being neglected when they’re young. And not only that, Chii-chan is sick of being her knight in shining armor after all the misfortune she has!

In any case, the battle is over as Chinatsu relentlessly attack Suzuko until she couldn’t fight anymore.

And here’s the result as Ril has taken over Suzuko’s body now that the Selector has lost all gold coins… except that it didn’t happen anyway.

That’s because someone interrupt their BATTORU, which means that Chinatsu’s victory didn’t count. Oh, and if you don’t believe me…

Here’s the proof as Ril remains as a LRIG. Of course, Chinatsu will return to beat Suzuko and achieve her dreams.

Whether she’ll get it after achieving all 5 coins or not will depend on the current rules. Then again, Kou Satomi might twist it a little bit for more profit!

With that said, Suzuko Homura is safe for now but she needs to win or her existence will be lost forever. Anyways, I’ll see you again on the next episode…

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