Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #07

After what happened in Ep. 6, it appears that the events that took place on that episode is nothing but a dream.

Well, at least Koyuki Himekawa is freed from the Magical Magical Girl Raising Project smartphone app game!

Just kidding, Fav is there and it appears that Koyuki or should I say Snow White got a Rabbit’s Foot, even though she didn’t bought one before.

On the other hand, who killed Magicaloid 44 in the previous episode? Was it someone else or maybe Hardgore Alice?

Well it turns out that it was Hardgore Alice who killed Magicaloid 44… and she’s actually alive after having her head cut away!

Oh yeah, and here’s Calamity Mary as she’s trying to kill Hardgore Alice for murdering her subordinate.

As much as she’s a foul-mouthed gunslingin’ magical girl, Calamity Mary still cares about Magicaloid 44!

Anyways, Calamity Mary is reducing Hardgore Alice into a pile of goo, from spraying it with lead bullets to burning the magical girl until she’s reduced into ash!

But let’s scratch the part where Calamity Mary wants to turn Hardgore Alice into ash as she decides to seal her remains into a barrel…

…put concrete inside the barrel and throw it into the ocean below. Well, I hope Calamity Mary have finally killed Hardgore Alice!

Meanwhile, Sister Nana has invited Snow White to unite all magical girls and stop the violence after losing both La Pucelle and Magicaloid 44. As much as I agree to her intentions, I don’t think it’ll work!

Also, Sister Nana has found a magical girl that’ll become an ally for her cause…

Said magical girl happened to by Hardgore Alice and Snow White is shocked to see her again… who is alive and breathing!

Damn, now I’m really scared to what Hardgore Alice is capable of, as she can regenerate as if her injuries are nothing to this magical girl!

Lastly, here’s both Ripple and Top Speed as they’re eating boxed meals together. Oh yeah, and Calamity Mary wants to see Ripple, something that the ninja magical girl felt sick upon hearing the name of that gunslingin’ magical girl.

One more thing, seems that Top Speed wants to spend her time as a magical girl for 6 months. Could it be that Top Speed has an incurable disease that she has a few months to live? Say it ain’t so!

With that said, let’s hope that Sister Nana will unite all magical girls and stop the bloodshed on the next episode. Then again, she and Winterprison might failed because Fav and Cranberry don’t want it to happen!

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