WWW.Working!! Episode #07

Uh-oh, looks like Kisaki Kondou is confronting someone for a fight. I wonder who that person is?

Oh, it’s Daichi Saitou and apparently Kisaki-san “barely” remembers him as the crybaby.

Well, Daichi-kun is having a hellish time as Shiho Kamakura’s bodyguard!

Meanwhile, Yuuta Shindou is feeling depressed after being bullied by his childhood friend countless times.

So, he went to Kisaki-san for help in which she gave Yuuta-kun some lottery tickets. Although Kisaki’s baby is slapping Yuuta-kun, it turns out that those tickets got the jackpot prize!

That means, Yuuta Shindou is finally free from Shiho Kamakura’s grasp as he can finally pay his family debt… in full. Well, Kamakura won’t like it one bit.

See, Shiho is freakin’ mad that her childhood friend is escaping the hard life now that Shindou has the money!

Of course, it turns out that Kamakura is sad that Yuuta-kun is gonna leave her alone. Yeah, I feel bad for Shiho… just once!

Well actually, Yuuta Shindou felt bad about leaving Shiho Kamakura, so he decided to give the tickets to someone else because he cares about his childhood friend.

By the way, those jackpot-winning tickets are from last year so it seems that Yuuta will be stuck in Shiho’s grasp forever!

But hey, seems that Shiho doesn’t mind about it as she forgives Yuuta-kun… until Kamakura returns to bully her childhood friend again.

Well, it’s better for Shindou to stay with Kamakura for all eternity. May God help Yuuta-kun…

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Hana Miyakoshi where she eats her own chocolate creation, right after Daisuke Higashida refused to eat it.

Well, he got sick of it after eating Hana’s chocolate 3 times and now she’s tasting her own medicine!

And as you can see, Hana-chan met St. Valentine where he spreads love and peace, even though it’s off-season and that’s why he’s so small on this occasion.

On the other hand, Daisuke-kun decides to rescue Hana-sempai from being lost in St. Valentine’s realm forever.

But then again, seems that the saint got bullied by Miyakoshi that he’s reduced to a sobbing mess. Poor St. Valentine…

Well then, time for Higashida to pick his co-worker up before it gets worse!

And lo and behold, Daisuke is back from the brink of death! Oh wait, he passed out upon eating Hana’s dreadful chocolate!

And speaking of Hana, she’s returned to realm of humans after speaking or should I say teasing with St. Valentine. Still, both of them will get a scolding from Rui Nagata!

With that said, I’m glad that they’re alive at the end of this episode. Of course, we’ll never know what’s gonna happen next time in Wagnaria!

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