Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #07

Here are the Allied Powers representatives and while they could let the United States of Atlanta go to war (unless Germania told their allies in Asia to do a Pearl Harbor-like attack), they’re having problems against Fuhrer Otto’s military might as they developed an aircraft carrier.

Basically, they’re sitting ducks unless they pray for a miracle to counter the Germanic Reich!

Luckily, Archduchess Ortfiné has arrived to deliver the news that she has a secret weapon to stop Germania from conquering Europe!

Well, you know this already but I’ll say hello to Archduchess Finé’s little friend to the Allied Powers!

This is Izetta, the last White Witch of Eylstadt and there’s no strings attached when she uses her magic.

As for the representatives, they’re surprised to see that a witch existed in the 20th century, something that Otto wants to get his hands on before the start of this anime series!

Meanwhile, here’s something intimate for both Archduchess Finé and Izetta. Yeah, they looked so cute!

Sure that it’s obscene to others at that time, but having both girl sleeping and cuddling together tightly is okay in today’s world (except for conservatives)!

Now then, the Britannian Royal Air Force have asked Izetta for her assistance to bring down Germania’s aircraft carrier Drachenfels, which is located over the Scandinavian Coast.

So while Izetta goes to her latest mission near the Kingdom of Nord…

…Archduchess Finé will have to wait for her safe return after the mission.

After all, Archduchess Ortfiné is Eylstadt’s head of state and going there to accompany her friend would be risky!

But let’s go to the battle at Sognefjord where she’s supposed to destroy the aircraft carrier, only to get ambushed by the Luftwaffe.

And here’s Basler where he’s piloting the special fighter plane that’s designed to catch-up with Izetta’s speed.

I have to say that he’s eager to shot that White Witch down after suffering a humiliating defeat at the Alps!

On the other hand, seems that Izetta is struggling to lift herself up as it turns out that Sognefjord has areas that have no magic at all.

Yeah, this is pretty inconvenient at this critical time!

Meanwhile, seems that Izetta found the aircraft carrier but with 2 torpedoes left, sinking it down will be very difficult.

Fortunately for Izetta, she found a weakness via the deck elevator.

So therefore, the White Witch focused on attacking that same spot to being the aircraft carrier Drachenfels down towards the abyss!

And lo and behold, Izetta put two torpedoes inside the aircraft carrier and blow it up. I have to say that she’s quicker to think on defeating the enemy!

In any case, it’s mission accomplished as Germania’s aircraft carrier Drachenfels has sunk, which is another blow to the military might of the Germanic Reich!

For Basler, it was a setback for him as he’s forced to retreat for the time being.

Why? Because Ricelt and Berckmann found something important as it turns out that the aircraft carrier is just a bait for the White Witch.

But let’s go back to those two as Berckmann found Izetta’s weakness after witnessing the battle at Sognefjord. But in order to make sure that he’ll fully exploit that, someone needs to sneak into Eylstadt.

Fortunately, Ricelt volunteered to do espionage but there’s one more surprise from Berckmann himself…

Turns out that he somewhat made an artificial witch thanks to Germania’s 9th Design Division. Well, I have to say that Fuhrer Otto won’t have to get his hands on Izetta anymore.

However, I feel that this artificial witch will have the same weaknesses as Izetta unless Berckmann fixed those shortcomings before deployment. But in any case, things are heating up in World War 2 and I’ll see you on the next episode!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I liked that izetta was able to change plans after she lost two of the torpedoes. Prior to now she hasn’t really had to think things through so her able to do this while being attacked was pretty good. Actually, the whole battle was kind of interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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