ViVid Strike! Episode #07

Einhart Stratos, one of the best fighters and the current Winter Cup champion has finally arrived to show what she’s capable of!

And as you can see, the crowd wasn’t disappointed on Einhart’s fighting prowess as she quickly knocked Janice Goat out.

She’s truly is the champion of the Under-15 category, although Einhart will face tougher opponents like Vivio Takamachi, Fuuka Reventon, and Rinne Berlinetta!

Meanwhile, Miura Rinaldi is taken to the hospital and while her ribs are still broken, Miura is making a recovery but it’ll take a long time to heal.

Oh yeah, and you may thank Ixpellia for giving first-aid to Miura Rinaldi.

For those who don’t know, Ixpellia first appeared in Strikers Sound Stage X and I guess I haven’t checked that out, not even the remaining chapters of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid.

Speaking of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, I feel that Seven Arcs should make a continuation from what A-1 Pictures left off, right after ViVid Strike! of course!

Now then, let’s move onto the main event where Vivio Takamachi battles the strongest fighter in this tournament.

Well, you know what I’m talking about as this particular fighter is having a revenge match!

Yup, it’s Rinne Berlinette as she’s on the defensive against Vivio. Remember that Rinne got one lost, so she’s trying to beat Vivio as brutally as possible!

As you can see, Rinne is pissed that there’s an opponent like Vivio, who is stopping her from achieving absolute strength to stand tall against others.

Like I said before, she’s driven by the loss of her beloved grandfather and that’s why Rinne Berlinetta wants to push her body to its limits!

Oh yeah, seems that Rinne landed a clean hit to the gut. Looks like Vivio is starting to lose breath and this continues, she might end up in the hospital like Miura!

However, seems that Vivio made a recovery as she made a counter against Rinne.

Although Rinne have improved her defensive skills, seems that Vivio can outwit her opponent!

See, Vivio’s right hook to Rinne’s left cheek has put her into a dizzying state. Well, she’s gonna have another knock-down!

In any case, Rinne fell into the canvas for the second time. Of course, this fight ain’t over until it’s over, so join me for Episode 8 for the conclusion of this battle!

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