Stella no Mahou Episode #07

Here’s Kayo Fujikawa as she’s inspired to create a poem for her senior Teru Hyakutake, which will become lyrics for her latest song!

But for Tamaki Honda however, she sees it as some sort of confession coming from Kayo-chan.

Oh boy, here goes another misunderstanding on this episode!

In fact, Kayo invited Tamaki to a room in order to make “babies”, which she referred to it to her musical compositions.

And then, these two girls got in a little accident when Kayo is on top of Tamaki-chan! Well, at least it was just an accident…

But for Yumine Fuda, she’s sees it differently because Yumina is a BL fan but seeing girl-on-girl action is fine too!

In fact, Yumina sees Kayo Fujikawa as the seme while Tamaki Honda is the uke. Yup, Yumine’s imagination is getting wild now!

So much that she’s hitting her head onto the wall. Good thing this misunderstanding is cleared I think.

On the other hand, their friendship between Tamaki and Yumine stretches back when they’re grade school students.

In fact, this is where Tamaki got an idea to make games (Well, starting with board games) after visiting Yumine countless times. Well, Yumine was once a frail and sickly person.

Thanks to her friendship with Yumine Fuda, Tamaki Honda is now using her talent to help the SNS Club on reaching greater heights… if Shiina Murakami and the rest didn’t got burned-out of course!

Anyways, let’s end this episode when this new character appeared to challenge the SNS Club! Then again, neither Tamaki nor Shiina have no idea who she really is.

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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