Brave Witches Episode #06

This is Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin and while her ability is similar to photographic memory, seems that she’s angry over something…

…like punishing Nikka Edvardine Katajainen for wrecking another Striker Unit. While Nipa will just heal herself with the power of magic, looks like Aleksandra (or Sasha) will have a long time to fix her unit.

Meanwhile, looks like there’s a Neuroi inside the city and the guards are unaware of its presence? I wonder what this Neuroi will do in Petersburg?

On the other hand, how come the tower is destroyed with deadly precision? Well, the answer lies to that Neuroi as it turns out that it can shape-shift into other objects and to mark its location…

…for this artillery Neuroi to shoot it down. Well, seems that the enemy are getting smarter now that they resorted to reconnaissance and indirect fire!

So, the Brave Witches are tasked to find both Neurois and destroy them. While the rest will hunt down the artillery Neuroi, Sasha will find the marker one together with Nipa and Hikari!

On the other hand, seems that Aleksandra felt that she went to Petersburg before, although she couldn’t remember it at all even though Sasha has Image Memorization.

Well actually, it turns out that she did visit Petersburg when Aleksandra was a child, but it appears that Sasha sealed all of it when she used her magic for the first time.

It was a traumatic event for her, but now it seems that Aleksandra is starting to recall her lost memories in time for hunting down the marker Neuroi!

In fact, her memories are useful for finding the enemy as Sasha knows the city very well.

Heck, she can spot something unusual like this Neuroi who turns into a spire, something that’s not included in her original memory.

But anyways, the marker Neuroi is destroyed and let’s hope that the rest of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing can destroy the artillery one!

And speaking of the Brave Witches, they’re ready to destroy its core as Naoe Kanno is ready to punch it.

Unfortunately, the artillery Neuroi fired its last shot. Well, Naoe should have punched the enemy before making its desperation attack!

Well, there’s nothing that the Brave Witches can do but to destroy the Neuroi anyway as Waltrud Krupinski shoots the core down!

And that’s the end of that artillery Neuroi but it appears that it’s not yet over…

…as the shell is heading towards Petersburg and it’s gonna hit the communications building.

At this point, there’s nothing that the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing can do but to run away!

Not for Nikka Katajainen though as she’ll use her magic to block the enemy shell from destroying the building.

As much as she’s a reckless witch, Nipa don’t want the city that her friend hold it dearly go up in flames!

In any case, Nikka Katajainen sacrificed her life to save Petersburg from doing significant damage.

We’ll miss Nipa very much… but the question is whether she’s dead or alive?

Actually, Nipa survived the attack in which Sasha felt a sign of relief. Well, it turns out that Aleksandra Pokryshkin made a “good luck” charm on Nikka Katajainen when she repaired her Striker Unit.

But hey, all’s well that ends well for this episode, and I have to say that Sasha is sweeter towards Nipa! Anyways, I’ll see you again next time…

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