Fune wo Amu Episode #06

Here’s Mitsuya Majime as he waits for Kaguya Hayashi’s response… until morning. That was hardcore coming from Micchan, but shouldn’t he worry about his health because Majime didn’t sleep?

Then again, I’m no author as I’m just a blogger. But hey, I can’t believe that he stayed awake for a very long time, but it seems that Majime didn’t wait for long and decided to head to the office for work!

However, Mitsuya bumped into Kaguya and got startled a bit that he ran away. Damn, what an awkward way for him to meet his potential girlfriend!

You know what, it would be better if Majime took a nap but it’s too late now.

Meanwhile, seems that the cat is finally out of the bag as Masashi Nishioka told his co-workers that he’ll be transferring to the PR department next Spring.

It’s a big setback to the team, especially for Kouhei Araki where he expects both Nishioka and Majime to complete The Great Passage. I have to say that Genbu Shobo hates the dictionary editorial department due to being a waste of funds, even though it’ll help the company in the long run. Guess that they want to earn short-term profits.

But you know what, I think they’ll pull it through on finishing their masterpiece, especially for Mitsuya Majime where upon reading the first dictionary by Fumihiko Otsuki, he’s determined to finish what Araki-san started!

Finally, here’s Kaguya Hayashi and after reading Mitsuya’s love letter, which Masashi didn’t edit it to make the letter shorter to read, she responded with a pleasant “Yes!”

That means that Kaguya has become Mitsuya’s boyfriend but how far will their relationship last when Majime will be busy on finishing a masterpiece? In any case, we’ll find that out next week, but I’d say congratulations to Mitsuya for scoring a girlfriend!

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