Sangatsu no Lion Episode #07

Well, seems that Rei Kiriyama got an awkward conversation towards Yuusuke Takahashi. Of course, it’s not as awkward as you may think as their conversation is interesting like Takahashi asking Kiriyama on why he’s in high school after becoming a professional shogi player.

On top of that, seems that Rei make some good responses like having memories on not running away from something. Then again, Kiriyama was surprised that a middle school baseball player somewhat struck him, which might change Rei-kun a bit but not much!

On the other hand, Yuusuke Takahashi visited the Kawamoto residence to have another conversation with Rei Kiriyama.

But first, Yuusuke-kun wants to enjoy eating Hinata Kawamoto’s curry topped with chicken kaarage and egg! Well, you may thank Akari for helping Hina-chan and now it’s time for Takahashi to talk about Kiriyama’s professional shogi career.

Of course, while Kiriyama’s colleagues already know about his professional career, seems that both Hinata and Momo are surprised that Rei Kiriyama…

…is competing at the NHK Cup upon watching the TV footage that Takahashi-kun brought over. Yeah, it’s even more awkward for Kiriyama to explain this to the Kawamoto sisters.

However, things are gonna get bonkers upon seeing a certain guest who’s commentating at the NHK Cup.

Well, it’s none other than Harunobu Nikaidou who got so passionate about Rei Kiriyama that he’s complaining about his sloppy play.

Um Nikaidou, Kiriyama won’t hear you as he’s playing on a separate room and he’s not gonna watch your commentary anyway during that time!

On the other hand, Rei Kiriyama got angry for Harunobu Nikaidou’s commentary, which is quite rare for having that kind of expression when Kiriyama almost shows his emotions.

Still, he’s kinda pathetic to show his losing side during that match at the NHK Cup. But you know what, Kiriyama will get better once he fully resolved his inner demons!

For the time being, I’ll end this episode as the Kawamoto sisters are interested in playing shogi… except that Nikaidou will teach them instead of Kiriyama because he’s tutoring the sisters by the book.

Also, Harunobu is far more talented when it comes to explaining shogi for newbies… except that he always lose to Rei-kun most of the time!

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  1. Karandi says:

    The problem with Rei being so good at something is he doesn’t realise how difficult it is for someone else. People who are brilliant at things often forget how hard it is for others and their explanations of how to do things are lacking. I liked that Rei didn’t suddenly become some super good communicator but I also liked that he thought so hard about what he would need to teach the girls and their circumstances (what sort of board and tiles). It was some great characterisation.
    Thanks for sharing.

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