WWW.Working!! Episode #08

Here’s both Daisuke Higashida and Hana Miyakoshi as they have fun at the arcades! Well, let’s just say that Higashida isn’t happy about it since he’s stuck with a nosy co-worker like Miyakoshi.

Oh yeah, and the reason why he’s with Hana-san is because they’re dating… with benefits. Well, only Miyakoshi is getting the rewards out of this relationship!

Also, Hana wants her chocolate to taste better if she spends her time with Higashida with love and care. Then again, it’s not gonna work and would it be better if she bought chocolate from some confectionery?

On the other hand, here’s Miri Yanagiba as she’s wearing light clothes on this occasion. That’s because Miri went to Okinawa even though Yanagiba claimed that she has a weak body.

Of course, will never know if Miri is actually a ghost since she has two fireballs floating beside her.

Next up is between Sayuri Muranushi and Masahiro Adachi where they got caught in a misunderstanding.

Well, it’s all about Adachi on whether he loves Muranushi or not, and let’s just say that he’s confused on his feelings for Sayuri!

As for Sayuri Muranushi though, she doesn’t like Masahiro’s indecisiveness which Sayuri just ignored him afterwards.

Well Adachi-kun, if you want to tell how you feel to Muranushi, say it clearly so you won’t get caught in this sticky situation! Then again, he’s an idiot…

Now then, I’ll end this week’s episode where Daisuke Higashida ate Hana Miyakoshi’s chocolate. But don’t worry though as she bought it from the confectionery this time.

Well, at least he’ll live to see another day at Wagnaria!

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