Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #07

Remember this guy? It’s Chinatsu Morikawa’s classmate Shouhei Shirai who is worried that his precious memories are about to fade away. Well, it’s because he’s using coins to bet on the outcome.

By the way, Shouhei met Suzuko Homura and proposed to make a partnership with regards to trading coins. However, Hanna Mikage said to Shirai that his plan won’t work as intended. After all, some Selectors wanted to beat all of them in order to reach his/her wishes!

And then, Shouhei met his classmate Chinatsu where she wants to challenge him. C’mon, Chii-chan is eager to do BATTORU and recruit her classmate to join Bookmaker’s matchmaking service!

As for Shirai, I feel bad for him on trusting Morikawa where she became a ruthless Selector.

Meanwhile, Suzuko Homura is asking Hanna Mikage on advice on how to play better in WIXOSS. Oh, and she’s gonna pay Hanna with sweet treats like buns and cupcakes!

But you know what, should Suzuko be worried about the time limit because she has one coin left. After all, Suzuko escaped her BATTORU with Chii-chan in Episode 6.

Now then, let’s move onto another Selector BATTORU where Masaru Narumi and Aaya are about to challenge another Selector!

Of course, Masaru’s indecisiveness is ticking Aaya off. After all, he’s a siscon and I feel bad for Masaru on losing his sister.

Anyways, his opponent is none other than Rio Oshiba and Mama. Sadly for Masaru and Aaya, he’s defeated due to being a fidgety Selector and a siscon too!

Well, it’s sucks for Narumi now that he has one coin left. Once it’s all gone, Masaru’s foulmouthed LRIG will take over.

Now let’s return to Chinatsu Morikawa where she challenges Shouhei Shirai. Sadly for him though, it’s all according to Chii-chan’s plan on recruiting him to Kou Satomi’s Selector Matchmaking Network!

In any case, she beat her classmate and with time running out, looks like Shouhei will be forced to sign a contract to Bookmaker and find an opponent fast.

Yeah, I feel pity Shouhei Shirai for falling in love with Chinatsu Morikawa who has become a ruthless Selector. Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Chinatsu really lost it this episode (or had already really lost it and now we’re just seeing the fall out). It’s kind of hard to sympathise with her anymore whereas a few episodes I genuinely felt sorry for her and all the stuff she was going through even if she wasn’t dealing with it well.

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