Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #08

Here’s Weiss Winterprison and Sister Nana as they’re about to meet another magical girl…

And that’s Swim-Swim and her gang of misfits. Sure that Sister Nana wants to make an alliance with Swim-Swim’s group, but little did they know that it’s actually a trap!

See this? Weiss Winterprison got stabbed not by Sister Nana because she’s there at the background…

…but it’s none other than one half of the Peaky Angels, Yunael! Yeah, she sure fooled Winterprison with that Sister Nana disguise.

Also, Yunael’s other half Minael became a combat knife!

Of course, this pisses Winterprison off as she clobbered Yunael until the angel is bathe in her own blood!

Honestly, it’s Yunael’s fault for disguising herself as Sister Nana, and it seems that Minael couldn’t do anything but watch.

Unfortunately for Weiss Winterprison, seems that she forgot about Swim-Swim as she’s about to kill her with her spear!

And here’s the result as Winterprison’s right arm got cut off. Oh and due to that stab earlier, Weiss Winterprison is losing too much blood.

In any case, looks like Swim-Swim has killed Weiss Winterprison but her gang got some casualties…

Namely Yunael as she got clobbered to death by Winterprison. Looks like Minael has lost the will to fight now that her twin is dead, but it’s her fault for not protecting Yunael!

So anyways, the number of magical girls has been reduced to 10, although one half of the Peaky Angels is still alive though.

As for Sister Nana, she’s reduced to a sobbing wreck now that her partner Weiss Winterprison (or Shizuku Ashuu) is dead.

I guess that she doesn’t care if other magical girls are killed now that Nana’s lover is gone!

Meanwhile, time to introduce some characters that they might be magical girls. As much as I wanna cry and feel pity for them, I have to press on until the end!

Anyways, this is Tsubame Murota who is a loving wife. Little did they know is that Tsubame is a former sukeban…

…and now a magical girl named Top Speed. Still, I was wondering about her limited time as Top Speed, is she gonna die in six months from now or something else entirely?

And now here’s another character named Naoko Yamamoto who is a drunkard and an abusive wife. Oh and what she’s holding is her transformation device…

…which turns Naoko Yamamoto into the foul-mouthed gunslingin’ magical girl named Calamity Mary. I have to say that both Tsubame Murota and Naoko Yamamoto are quite different, even moreso when they became magical girls.

Oh yeah, and Calamity Mary was supposed to meet with Ripple and Top Speed, but it appears that she want to bring chaos into N-City instead by destroying cars and killing civilians down like a mad criminal!

Seems that Ripple and Top Speed got away from Calamity Mary in the end, as it turns out that she’s planning to kill both of them. But they’ll be forced to stop that gunslingin’ magical girl from turning the city into a warzone. In any case, the chaos at N-City continues on the next episode!

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