Occultic;Nine Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Touko Sumikaze as she pays a visit to the cafe to interview Yuuta Gamon.

Yes, this reporter from an occult magazine is curious on the site owner of Kiri Kiri Basara, but did you know that Sumikaze-san is actually one of the victims during the Inokashira Park incident? Oh boy, something’s not right there…

On the other hand, seems that Sarai Hashigami is also included in the mass suicide incident as well, which he couldn’t believe it at first until Sarai realized that the events unfolded in Inokashira Park is part of a conspiracy using his father’s research.

After all, those who’ve watched Episode 6 should know that Yuuta Gamon and his friends are being used as cogs to achieve immortality by discarding humanity’s physical vessels. Also, notice that both Sarai and Yuuta have no shadows. Yeah, seems that it’s an indication that they’re dead, but you also notice that Ryoka Narusawa has a shadow which means that she’s alive.

One last thing, seems that the general public couldn’t see Gamotan and the rest of the cast except for Ryo-tas, where she can see them as if they’re alive. That’s mind-blowing revelation right there!

Meanwhile, here’s another new character named Asuna Kisaki who is investigating the mass suicide event at Inokashira Park. Oh yeah, it turns out that Shun Moritsuka is also dead.

So by using her pshchometry, Asuna Kisaki checks what’s inside Moritsuka’s thoughts before his final moments.

Upon checking Shun Moritsuka’s memory, Asuna Kisaki found out that he’s not only investigating Ririka Nishizono’s yaoi doujin manga, but also a radio station in Kichijoji called FM-KCZ.

Speaking of FM-KCZ, I wonder if that radio station has some connections to Gamotan’s portable radio which he calls it as Zonko?

Finally, Kisaki-san went to the morgue to see if she can find some clues using psychometry.

Unfortunately, all of the victims have the same memories of being controlled by someone else and drown them at the lake… except for Yuuta Gamon where Asuna found out that he has no memories of being mind-controlled.

And then, Gamotan went to the morgue and got horrified upon seeing his own lifeless body.

Oh yeah, and Asuna saw Yuuta’s corporeal spirit but let’s just say that the mortality of some characters is similar to Schrödinger’s cat. So until the truth is revealed, Gamotan and his buddies are both dead and alive.

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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