Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #08

Here’s Ricelt as he successfully infiltrated the Duchy of Eylstadt as he’ll find the secrets of the White Witch.

Oh yeah, and Ricelt is fascinated by the legend itself as it has an alternate story where a disgruntled wife sold the witch’s secrets to a country, probably Germania, due to her royal husband being infatuated with the White Witch. Yeah, that’s not a happy story there…

In any case, it’s just a legend but Ricelt needs to complete his objective for the glory of the Germanic Reich!

Then again, what he finds is a naked Bianca. I have to say, Ricelt is a total idiot and first of all, Bianca is part of the Royal Guard but he won’t know that until it’s too late!

Meanwhile, both Archduchess Ortfiné and Izetta are having a masquerade party at Lord Redford’s mansion in Britannia.

Gotta say, Archduchess Finé looked stunning as a prince while Izetta looked beautiful! Come to think of it, they’re destined to be together just like the legend says!

On the other hand, seems that there’s some unwanted guests at Lord Redford’s mansion. It’s Berckmann and he brought his partner who is actually an artificial White Witch!

Said partner made a move on Izetta and kissed her, something that Archduchess Finé would be very angry!

Still, I wonder if Berckmann’s pet witch is actually poisoning Izetta or gathering the essence of the White Witch? I guess we’ll have to find out in the battlefield!

Back in Eylstadt, Ricelt have finally met one of the surviving Germania’s spies, who got escaped after the events of Episode 6.

Now, they worked together to not only take photos of the ley lines, but also a red jewel after Ricelt’s vial of White Witch’s blood made a reaction to the ruins. Really, this could be a setback to Eylstadt if those secrets are in Germania’s hands!

Not until Bianca and her Royal Guards arrived to stop Ricelt and his accomplice.

Oh yeah, and it’s payback for having her nude body being seen by someone like Ricelt! Honestly, he should have befriended Bianca but it’s too late now!

In any case, the spy from Episode 6 got killed. Finally, justice has been served for putting Jonas at risk, but I’m still mad that Seig got rid of him!

As for Ricelt, Bianca shot him in the chest and fell down to the ground below. Would it be better if he defected to Eylstadt, but Ricelt can’t abandon Germania even though his country is being run by a war-monger!

Well, it’s sad that Ricelt didn’t get a good ending but the secrets of the White Witch is secured, right?

Oh shit, seems that another Germanian spy got a hold of it! Dammit, Izetta and Eylstadt are doomed because of those freakin’ Germanians!

Meanwhile, seems that the representative from the United States of Atlanta is sending a telegraph to the present, which stated that both Eylstadt and Germania are a threat and they must be defeated, instead of helping the former to dismantle the latter!

Really now, Archduchess Finé won’t like how Ame- I mean Atlanta ditch them out just because they’re scared of witches! Next thing they’ll do is to create a super-weapon that’ll turn witches into obsolete weapons of war, which would screw Berckmann and the Empire of Germania if that happens.

Anyways, I have a feeling that this series will lead to a bad ending… I’ll see you on the next episode!

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