Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #07

This is a blessing ceremony in honor of Hyakki Sametora, but there’s something different about it…

Well it’s because the ceremony has female patrons for this year. You may thank Katchu Ranbu for that as the main character is based on Hyakki Sametora.

Oh yeah, and those Katchu Ranbu fans are flocking to Sametora’s armor which is the basis for the character Akane.

I have to say that the staff who made Katchu Ranbu did a great job of promoting historical figures and their suit of armors by turning them into handsome guys. It also helps the local tourism as well so it’s a win-win situation!

On the other hand, looks like Kae Serinuma and her harem are venturing off to an island where Hyakki Sametora’s head was buried.

Sure that Yuusuke Igarashi is with Kae-chan, but did you know that Hyakki Sametora’s story was darker? Yeah, it turns out that when Sametora got in a rampage towards his captors after learning that his son was killed! Although he was killed in the end, Sametora’s vengeful spirit lingers to that island which is a bad idea to go there…

And as you can see, Serinuma and her friends got caught in a whirlpool.

I have to say that they should have listened to the locals on not going there, but it’s too late now!

On the other hand, the rest of Kae’s friends are safe and it seems that Nishina is enjoying Yuusuke’s CPR on Nozomu Nanashima.

Well, Shima Nishina is a fujoshi after all, but I wonder where is Serinuma and Mutsumi-sempai?

Oh, seems that they’re okay… but both Kae-chan and Asuma are half-naked at the moment because they got drenched.

Fortunately though, no one got hypothermia so it’s all good for both of them!

Then again, they’re still on the island and both Serinuma and Mutsumi-sempai encountered Hyakki Sametora.

And as you can see, he’s very pissed that his place has been disturbed by trespassers!

Not to worry though as Asuma Mutsumi has a protection charm so he can protect himself and Serinuma from the wrath of Sametora!

Sadly though that Mutsumi’s charm won’t last long. After all, Hyakki Sametora is a vengeful spirit who got fooled by his captors.

On the other hand, Kae Serinuma tried to convince Hyakki Sametora that he’s not a bad guy and he’s revered as a hero.

Well, she based that to her favorite anime show Katchu Ranbu, yet I don’t think that Serinuma’s pacification will work on a ghost!

Then again, seems that Kae’s pacification has worked on Hyakki Sametora surprisingly enough.

Again, I give kudos to the staff on making Katchu Ranbu, who helped Kae Serinuma and her friends on saving their own lives from a vengeful samurai!

With that said, Hyakki Sametora’s spirit has moved up to heaven thanks to Kae Serinuma.

Oh, and everyone is finally assembled and it’s time to go back to the main land. After all, staying at an island is a bad idea!

One more thing, it turns out that the events that unfolded on this episode was all caused by eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. Of course, it doesn’t explain how Hyakki Sametora came to the surface before being “purified” by Serinuma.

Oh well, everything is resolved now and I’ll see you on the next episode!

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