ViVid Strike! Episode #08

Well guys and girls, here’s the second half of the match between Vivio Takamachi and Rinne Berlinetta!

While Nove Nakajima is worried that Vivio might get blind-sided and got a clean cut against Rinne, let’s hope that the match will end in Vivio’s favor.

Now then, it’s time for the last 2 rounds where Vivio Takamachi is keeping the pressure against Rinne Berlinetta.

Of course, Rinne is tougher than before as seen with her match against Miura Rinaldi…

And now, seems that Rinne endured a lot of Vivio’s jabs that she’s ready for her counter-attack, starting with a hook towards the ribs and then followed by a kick to Vivio’s knees.

And the worst part is Rinne delivering a knock-down against Vivio which leveled-up the score!

At this point, Rinne is winning this match as Vivio’s body is about to succumb to her injuries.

But nevertheless, Vivio Takamachi won’t give up as she changed her stance in order to compensate with her injuries.

Not only that, but Vivio is ready to deliver her final attack against Rinne…

…with a devastating flurry of Axel Smashes that caught Rinne Berlinetta off-guard!

Oh and this shot? I give kudos to Seven Arcs for this one, as it gives a powerful ending for this match!

With that said, Rinne Berlinetta suffered another defeat at the hands of her nemesis, Vivio Takamachi.

Well, I’m sure that this match will be in the history books after three rounds of fighting!

For Vivio Takamachi though, it appears that she’ll have to drop out of the Winter Cup due to her serious injuries.

Even though her body isn’t suited for martial arts, it holds well against Rinne and I give thanks to Nove Nakajima for training Vivio-chan! In short, Vivio made Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama proud!

As for Rinne Berlinetta, it was a major setback which she got depressed over it. Hell, even Rinne’s coach Jill Stola is very angry about the match’s outcome.

Of course, Rinne will have a match against Fuuka Reventon at a later time. For now, I’ll see you on the next episode as Fuuka is ready for her upcoming match!

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