Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #12

Well, looks like Sara and Tia are ready to unleash their weapon to rescue Noa…

…while destroying Johann’s controlled Regalias, which he’s stalling them until Ruks Ex Machina completely destroys Earth!

Not until Noa has finally freed from Johann’s control as she told both Sara and Tia that they must destroy the core.

Glad that she regained her consciousness after being Johann’s plaything!

Oh yeah, and this is the core that powers Ruks Ex Machina, which contain souls of every person that Johann collected to power up the ultimate weapon.

With that said, time to break this core open but it’ll be a tough one to crack!

Fortunately, both Ingrid and Kei helped Sara and Tia on destroying Ruks Ex Machina’s core!

In any case, both Aurea Tisis and Xeno Megaera have destroyed the core, which release the souls from becoming fuel to Ruks Ex Machina!

While Johann’s ultimate weapon is finally destroyed, it’s not yet over…

In fact, Johann has unleashed another weapon from the ruins of Ruks Ex Machina. This is Johann’s real body called Oful Mazdo and he orders everyone to kneel down and serve him.

After all, Johann wants to be a god… who is ungrateful to everyone ’cause why not!

However, Magna Alecto has arrived to stop Johann and not only that, but this Regalia has changed to its powerful form!

Thanks to the power of sisterhood between Yuinshel and Rena, plus Erinius’ destructive will, Magna Alecto has achieved immerse power that’ll teach Johann a lesson that humanity are not expendables.

Also, Yui is telling Johann through Magna Alecto’s fist that she has friends who care about her, something that the megalomaniac doesn’t have because Johann is an asshole!

In any case, Oful Mazdo has been destroyed thanks to Magna Alecto’s power.

Now that it’s over, it’s time for Yui and Rena to go back to Enastoria and celebrate together with their companions!

However, Yui and her friends will have to hold off their celebration as Oful Mazdo has another form!

And look, Johann is filled with rage that his grand ambition of controlling humanity into his playthings has been ruined. Gotta say, that angry face is so delicious!

Anyways, tune into the final episode of Regalia, although I might blog it by tomorrow or the day after…

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