Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #08

This is Mamiko Oumae as she looked stunning when playing the trombone during middle school.

This prompted Kumiko to become involved with music during 4th Grade, although she settled on playing the euphonium than the trombone.

But now, Mamiko Oumae is planning to quit college and become a beautician. Well, at least she didn’t have any unfortunate circumstances that forced her to drop out.

Still, it’s sad that Kumiko’s sister has become a shadow of her former self and although Mamiko wanted to play the trombone, it’s just that she couldn’t keep up with her parents’ expectations. In any case, show some sympathy to Mamiko Oumae for once!

Meanwhile, Asuka Tanaka has finally returned to the concert band club… only to disappear against due to personal reasons.

I have to say that Asuka’s issues with her mother is not fully-resolved. After all, Mrs. Tanaka expected her daughter to have the same successful career as hers, but it’s up to Asuka on choosing her own path!

Lastly, here’s Kumiko Oumae as she left the school early due to fever. Oh yeah, and she have a small conversation with Aoi Saito in which she’s preparing for the upcoming entrance exam.

Well, glad that Aoi Saito made a reappearance after leaving Kitauji High School’s concert band club. Let’s hope that Aoi-sempai and Kumiko-chan will become successful!

In any case, I’ll leave you here as Kumiko is taking a rest. After all, she doesn’t want her performance getting hampered by a mere fever!

As for Asuka Tanaka’s absence, seems that Noboru Taki will have no choice but to find a replacement in time for the national competition. As much as everyone is getting gloomy on Asuka-sempai’s disappearance, they need to prepare themselves both mentally and emotionally!

Anyways, see ya on the next episode…

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