Stella no Mahou Episode #08

Uh-oh, looks Tamaki Honda got scared upon being dragged by a new character from last week’s episode.

Honestly, Tamaki’s father would get angry if a stranger mishandled his daughter!

Anyways, this is Minaha and she wants to challenge Tamaki Honda to an illustration showdown! Why? Because she was supposed to join the SNS Club, but Ayame Seki scoot her off during their crunch-time on finishing Magic of Stella.

On the other hand, the reason why Minaha decided to join the SNS Club in the first place is because she was inspired by Iris’ love novels and found out that her idol is within the club. By the way, “Iris” is Ayame Seki’s nickname so it’ll be bad for Minaha as her idol novelist turned out to be the person who kicked her out!

Anyways, time for their showdown as Minaha told Tamaki to draw a character from one of Aya- I mean Iris’ novels!

For Tamaki however, she’s doing it right away after reading it. Well, Tamaki already read one of her bizarre love novels at the clubroom.

And look, she finally finished one character even though it looked like a middle-aged man.

Although her illustrations are suited for seinen manga and hard-boiled novels, Tamaki shows that she can draw like a pro!

Anyways, seems that Minaha lost her challenge against Tamaki Honda, despite the fact that she haven’t made a single drawing yet.

Well, it’s her own fault for inviting Tamaki to an illustration showdown in the first place!

On the other hand, Tamaki decided to give her a free copy of Magic of Stella out of pity.

After all, Tamaki is a nice girl who want to make her father proud by drawing things!

But then again, Minaha took the game from Tamaki without saying thank you…

…and then run away without telling her full name. Gee, Minaha is so freaking rude!

But there you have it on this week’s episode as Minaha went towards the sunset as fast as possible… and then play Magic of Stella at home because it would be a waste on not playing the game after stealing it.

However, it appears that Minaha went to the SNS Club and make a complaint that there’s a major bug in Magic of Stella.

Yeah, seems that Shiina Murakami got devastated upon hearing that bad news. On the other hand, should Minaha join the SNS Club since she paid a visit there? I guess she won’t forgive Ayame Seki for dissing her!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode and I hope Minaha would join the SNS Club ’cause it turns out that her sister went there. Could it be that she’s Teru Hyakutake’s sister? Nah, it couldn’t be true!

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