Fune wo Amu Episode #07

Mitsuya Majime and Masashi Nishioka, these two guys are working together to finish The Great Passage and I have to say that their partnership is great… until the higher-ups decided to transfer Nishioka to the PR Department.

Still, Masashi-san will do anything to help Mitsuya on revisions and other things that needs to be done during his limited time. It’s better than just waiting for the time his stay at the Dictionary Editorial Department is up!

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce to Remi Miyoshi who is Masashi’s live-in partner and soon-to-be colleague in the PR Department.

Gotta say that his relationship with Miyoshi is somewhat intimate, but the problem is that most of their co-workers didn’t know that they’re lovers. Come to think of it, is Nishioka is planning to sabotage his transfer by having dinner with Miyoshi? It could be possible!

Lastly, here’s Professor Oda as he’s one of the contributors of Genbu Shobo’s latest dictionary who couldn’t accept the changes made by Majime and Nishioka.

Fortunately for Masashi-san, he managed to negotiate with Professor Oda through wits and a little bit of sarcasm, which the professor has no choice but to accept the revision. Glad that Masashi-san resolved this out ’cause had Mitsuya got into this sticky situation as Nishioka, his awkwardness might give him to Professor Oda’s demands.

Anyways, looks like Masashi managed to lift the heavy burden from Mitsuya’s shoulders. It’s sad to see Nishioka go and I hope Majime will work hard on the next episode!

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