Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #08

This is Nozomu Nanashima and while his appearance is similar to Shion from Mirage Sage, seems that Nozomu-kun is being left out especially when Shima Nishina and Yuusuke Igarashi is spending their time with Kae Serinuma.

Poor Nanashima, looks like he needs some love and by the way, Mirage Saga has already ended in favor of Katchu Ranbu!

On the other hand, Nozomu has something that he can be proud of… like having a cute sister named Kirari in which Nozomu joins her on dancing the main theme of Puri Puri Moon.

And do note though, that’s not a rip-off to either Sailor Moon and/or Pretty Cure!

Fortunately for Nanashima, his knowledge on Puri Puri Moon has landed him a part-time job as one of the stage actors there, as it turns out that Kae Serinuma has also applied at Usagi Land’s Puri Puri Moon Stage Play.

Well, glad that Nozomu-kun is one step closer to Kae-chan as they practice together after school and during weekends!

But then, Nanashima passed out and got a fever due to over-exerting himself during practice.

Good thing Serinuma managed to bring him over to his home, but the next thing that happen might scare you a bit…

…like Nozomu kissing Kae-chan when he’s under the weather. Seriously, Nanashima shouldn’t do that!

See, Nozomu is clamping down on Kae-chan and he’s about to rape her. Damn, this is getting dangerous!

Fortunately, Yuusuke Igarashi punched Nanashima to his senses in the nick of time. And as for Serinuma, she ran away out of fear!

Honestly, it’s Nozomu’s fault and he should have stayed in bed instead of making unnecessary moves towards Kae-chan. C’mon, she’s a delicate girl despite being a fujoshi!

Still, Nozomu Nanashima realized his mistake and he wants to apologize to Kae Serinuma.

Glad that he has the guts to say sorry but Nanashima should note that he’s outside Serinuma’s house, and most of her neighbors are very concerned on Nozomu making a ruckus!

Even Kae-chan is embarrassed that she told Nozomu to save his apology for tomorrow.

Sure that Nanashima shouting towards Serinuma was a bother, but he’s doing the right thing!

Unfortunately, Kae’s slightly-annoying little brother Takurou has decided to get Nozomu out of the Serinuma residence. Well, Takurou is pretty much annoyed at this point!

On the other hand, Nozomu gave Kae-chan a drawing that was made by Kirari. I’m sure that Serinuma will cheer up a bit upon seeing it.

And lo and behold, Kae-chan has returned as she accepts Nozomu’s apology. Now, both Serinuma and Nanashima are ready to perform in front of the kids…

…as they become characters from the Puri Puri Moon series. Well, the costumes are somewhat nice expect for their headgear!

But, that doesn’t stop these hardcore fans for getting up close and personal with the characters.

On the other hand, I think they’re pretty much a nuisance as these fans are getting overboard!

Still, both Nanashima and Serinuma won’t allow them to do as they please as they make some improvisations to the script.

I mean, it’s rare to see the Dark Prince and Ruby teaming-up to defeat these troublemakers from ruining the show!

But there you have it as these so-called fans are escorted away. Sorry guys, but you shouldn’t wreck a kids’ show with your antics!

And now, it’s time for the finale where the cast are dancing. By the way, Nozomu Nanashima is dressed up as Diamond as seen here!

In any case, all’s well that ends well on this week’s episode. Heck, even Kirari is proud of her brother that he’s not only good at playing the Dark Prince, but also his smooth dancing moves!

Then again, Nozomu is embarrassed that his friends, especially Shima Nishina, are laughing that he’s dressed up as a female character!

Well then, I’ll see you next week and let’s hope that Serinuma will pick one guy as her boyfriend… unless Kae-chan reverts to her fujoshi tendencies.

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