Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #09

Looks like there’s no point of running away against Calamity Mary as Ripple appears…

…and challenges her to a duel to the death. Honestly, Ripple has a grudge towards Calamity Mary!

In any case, it’s do-or-die when a ninja and a gunslinger fight until one of them survive. Expect some explosions on top of a love hotel!

Yeah, you can see the carnage from afar. On the other hand, Snow White and Hardgore Alice have arrived at the scene to rescue some civilians.

Even though it became a game of death, some magical girls are oblige to help others but they won’t get paid in candies since it’s useless at this point!

Meanwhile, Ripple got a helping hand from Top Speed as she transformed her broom into a faster, more bosozoku-like version.

Gotta say that being a former biker has helped Top Speed a lot!

So with a well-timed shuriken throw from Ripple, Calamity Mary has been killed. Well, glad that is over!

But you know what, Naoko Yamamoto shouldn’t become a magical girl in the first place as she’s totally messed up.

Then again, the developers of the Magical Girl Raising Project game didn’t care about the player’s background!

In any case, now that Calamity Mary has been defeated, time for a celebration starting with a hug… except that Top Speed isn’t hugging Ripple.

In fact, it was an opportunity for Swim-Swim to kill Top Speed when she’s vulnerable. Damn that Swim-Swim, she killed three magical girls already!

Of course, what lies beyond Top Speed’s death will truly shocked everyone…

Turns out that Top Speed or Tsubame Murota didn’t have any life-threatening disease, but she’s actually six months pregnant.

God, I can’t believe that Fav recruited a pregnant woman on this deadly game. This is madness, and Fav doesn’t give a fuck about it!

Meanwhile, Nana Habutae is contemplating about suicide as her partner Shizuku Ashuu died on the previous episode.

At this point, Sister Nana is so emotionally-destroyed that ending her life is the only option.

And yes, she did kill herself. What a cruelest end to this week’s episode as the number of magical girls in Nabuka City has been reduced to 7, which means that it has finally reached its quota.

Unfortunately, it turns out that it’s all just a lie as Fav told everybody that the number of magical girls needed in N-City to 4. But you know what, fuck the requirements as Fav have planned it all along to have only one magical girl in the city, which I suspect that the admins wanted Cranberry to become the only survivor!

Finally, here’s another character introduced… or should I say Ripple’s true identity as Kano Sazanami swore that Swim-Swim will pay for Top Speed’s death.

In any case, things are getting darker and darker for this series. Still, only the developers and Fav are getting the rewards for this massacre!

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