Occultic;Nine Episode #08

Oh look, it’s Ririka Nishizono as she’s minding her own business despite the fact that she’s one of the victims during the Inokashira Park incident.

Well, it’s sucks that she’s one of the victim instead of being the mastermind, because I believe that Ririka is a good villain to this show.

On the other hand, looks like her white-skinned boy is telling Ririka that he’s transcended death due to being the Chosen One.

Well, another explanation is that the boy has scandium in his body, which is a bad idea as it’s a dangerous element. Still, even though he can see Ririka Nishizono as if she’s alive, I feel that the boy is either a ghost or something else like being a true immortal.

Meanwhile, Yuuta Gamon has visited the radio station FM-KCZ, which it turns out that Gamotan’s father Koresuke actually owns the station.

In fact, Yuuta has some fond memories of his father being the radio DJ in his neighborhood. Sadly, Koresuke Gamon was mysteriously killed 7 years ago. Sucks for Gamotan though…

Anyways, Asuna Kisaki has arrived at FM-KCZ radio station to investigate the Inokashira Park incident until she met Yuuta Gamon instead. After all, she can see Gamotan during the climax of Ep. 7.

Now then, Asuna is asking questions towards Yuuta about Koresuke Gamon’s death and his connection to a cult organization called The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune. While Gamotan will deny that his father is involved in a cult, I feel that The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune are the ones that appeared in Episode 6.

Speaking of that shady cult, I believe that they’re not only wanted to take out humanity’s souls from their physical bodies, but they’re trying to mind-control all of them through their dubious products like the New World System. Still, I don’t know who’s the mastermind on these events.

Now let’s move onto Touko Sumikaze where she found some information from her colleagues about Prof. Isayuki Hashigami.

Well, it turns out that Touko’s co-workers are involved with The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune. But now, let’s show it to Sarai Hashigami.

And upon showing what Touko-san found in her office, Sarai’s reaction is mixed with surprise and anger. Yes, what he was is actually Prof. Isayuki’s research papers that was stolen a few episodes back. Glad that being a ghost has helped Touko Sumikaze from finding some evidence unless she was caught by a security camera.

Well, seems that the pieces are finally started to take form… unless Gamotan and his friends made a major setback. Question is, will they stop a cult from achieving their objectives? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

And speaking of the next episode, seems that Miyuu Aikawa has received another message from her friend Chizu Kawabata, despite the fact that Chi-chan was murdered and her body was put into a box.

I can’t wait to see that for next week!

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