Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #08

Here’s Suzuko Homura as she offers her home-made chocolate banana cupcake from Hanna Mikage. Still, I think she should do Selector BATTORU now since Suzuko is somewhat stronger now!

On the other hand, the reason why Hanna wants to investigate how Selector Battles work is because she lost her brother Yuuta, but Hanna couldn’t remember him. Also, Suzuko already won her BATTORU on this episode.

Now then, it’s time for Hanna Mikage to complete all 5 coins and grant her wish. Of course, her next opponent might be the toughest one yet.

This is Kiyoi Mizushima and her LRIG is Piruluk. Wait a minute, is that the girl from the Selector Infected/Spread/Destructed series? How come she became a Selector after being a LRIG for so long!?

In any case, Kiyoi defeated Hanna and told the curious Selector not to dwell into the battles anymore. Then again, Hanna Mikage won’t stop her curiosity on how the world of WIXOSS works.

Meanwhile, there’s another Selector Battle going on as it’s do-or-die for both Masaru Narumi and Aaya. Who would be their opponent, perhaps?

Why it’s none other than Kou Satomi as the Bookmaker told Narumi that he brutally beat his sister Aya. Oh, and the Bookmaker was once a LRIG when the original Kou Satomi ceased to exist.

Basically, Kou Satomi (or should I say the current one) is Ulith 2.0 and he’s far more sadistic than his predecessor. Now I know why he enjoys seeing Selectors lose in their BATTORU!

Anyways, Masaru Narumi is no more as his body is now taken over by his LRIG Aaya. Well, that’s sucks for him as Masaru is joined by his sister Aya!

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode and what’s gonna happen for both Suzuko and Chinatsu.

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