Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #09

Dammit, seems that Germania has got all the needed secrets to crush Izetta and Eylstadt under one fell swoop!

I’m gonna make this quick as this episode shows the darkest hour on this series so far. Why? Because Fuhrer Otto is delighted that he has his own White Witch to use in order to conquer Europe! Then again, he has doubts on whether Berckmann’s pet witch can be trusted.

Anyways, this is Sophie as she’s fully-functional after drinking Izetta’s blood from the previous episode. Yes, the blood of the White Witch is needed in order to make Berckmann’s witch clone work!

Now then, I have to say that Sophie has inherited the memories of the previous witches before it, as well as the grudge that she experienced from the people of Eylstadt even though one jealous royal has sold the witch’s secrets to Germania. By the way, all thing that Sophie said to Izetta are bullshit ’cause she’ll be used by the empire until Germania reached world domination.

In any case, Izetta has been defeated as it turns out that Sophie can manipulate the ley lines, making this clone the most powerful witch in existence. And afterwards, Eylstadt has been conquered which is the biggest blow of all!

Still, Germania won’t get overconfident over this victory ’cause even though the empire conquered most of the territories in Europe, they have to deal with the United States of Atlanta or a Soviet Union-equivalent. And speaking of Atlanta, where are the troops if they’re planning to destroy the witches and Germania?

Anyways, let’s hope that Archduchess Ortfiné and Izetta are okay, although I feel that the latter has been captured again by Germania. I’ll see you on the next episode!

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