ViVid Strike! Episode #09

Looks like Vivio Takamachi is somewhat in good health as she’s joined by Ixpellia and Sister Chantez Apinion.

Too bad that she pulled out of contention in the Winter Cup!

Meanwhile, Fuuka Reventon has defeated her opponent and now she’s at the championship match, where Fuuka will face her master Einhart Stratos.

Damn, it’s sucks that Seven Arcs didn’t make a scene on how Fuuka beat her competitor!

Meanwhile, here’s Rinne Berlinetta as she’s depressed after her second loss against Vivio.

Victoria Dahlgrün tried to cheer Rinne up, but she decided to hang up her gloves and quit because there’s nothing to fight for, especially when Rinne wants to take the title from Einhart Stratos.

Really Rinne, there’s one more match to fight and Fuuka is waiting for it!

Fortunately, Einhart understands her plight and decides to stage a title fight… should Rinne beat Fuuka in an exhibition match.

Oh, and it’ll be held before the real match between Fuuka Reventon and Einhart Stratos.

For Nove Nakajima, it’s a shocker as both of her fighters are preparing for the championship.

But you know what, Fuuka wants to make amends to her friend after being separated for so long. I mean, she’s looking forward to reconcile with Rinne through her fists!

Now then, it’s time for the fated battle between two friends, as Rinne Berlinetta makes her first move against Fuuka Reventon!

Sure that she’s back after a 10-minute retirement, but let’s see if Rinne can score a knockdown against Fuuka.

Fortunately for Fuuka, she’s tougher than before thanks to her training with the regulars at Nakajima Gym, especially from Einhart Stratos when she learned the Hegemon-style of martial arts!

Of course, this fight is just the beginning so tune in for the next episode…

I mean, Fuuka Reventon wants to befriend Rinne Berlinetta by beating her down, much like how Nanoha Takamachi beat Fate Testarossa!

Still, I’m worried that she won’t have enough strength left to surpass her master.

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