WWW.Working!! Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Hana Miyakoshi as she’s giving her chocolate to one of the vic- I mean, her co-workers like Masahiro Adachi.

Fortunately for Adachi, he won’t eat Miyakoshi’s home-made chocolate as it turns out that the chocolate will be given to Sayuri Muranushi, who is currently at home due to having a fever… or should I say possessed by an evil spirit.

Anyways, Adachi went to Muranushi’s apartment where he’s greeted by Sayuri’s little brother.

On the other hand, I feel that the Muranushi family is somewhat cursed and as you can see, there’s a ghastly hand behind Sayuri’s brother. Damn, that’s scary stuff!

Now then, Masahiro-san is one step closer to Sayuri, but her mother is suspecting Adachi that he’s the one who made Sayuri sick in the first place.

Well, it’s his fault for making a misunderstanding towards Sayuri in the previous episode, but scientifically Masahiro didn’t give some disease because he’s healthy at that time. Maybe Sayuri over-exerted herself and thus she got sick!

Anyways, let’s go to Sayuri’s room and damn, she has some time to make a prank on Masahiro Adachi.

Could it be that she’s still upset over that rejection from Adachi? It’s plausible!

Still, Masahiro Adachi wants to apologize towards Sayuri Muranushi for the misunderstanding from the previous episode.

Oh, and he wants to make up with Sayuri by becoming her boyfriend. That was nice, but let’s bring Muranushi to the hospital!

In the end, both Adachi and Muranushi became lovers. Oh, and Sayuri’s fever is cured thanks to the power of modern medicine!

Still, I believe that her family should seek a better exorcist as their home is ridden with evil spirits.

Let’s go back to Wagnaria where it appears that Miri Yanagiba has gone ill after her vacation from Okinawa.

But you know what, would it be better if she seeks a medium should a doctor failed to cure Yanagiba? I mean, those two fireballs is getting on my nerves!

Also, Kouki Saiki is here to entertain the guest with water and a magazine… just to murder time or should I say keep them busy. Well, Saiki is still learning how to speak Japanese better.

Anyways, I’m done with this week’s episode and I’ll see you next time!

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