Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #13

This is it, the final episode of Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars as Yuinshel Asteria and Rena are ready to beat Johann and save the world!

And as you can see, Magna Alecto is still burning with black fire. Let’s hope that their sisterhood can bring him down!

But then again, Johann launched a preemptive strike against both Yui and Rena. C’mon, a villain like Johann don’t want his opponent to pull any comebacks!

Meanwhile, both Yui and Rena are transported to another dimension… or let’s just say that their souls are currently in limbo.

Man, it’s sucks that the sisters will have get stuck at this crucial moment!

Fortunately, Magna Alecto’s human avatar has appeared to rescue both Yui and Rena from the brink of death. Also, it’s turns out that this Rena-like person isn’t Magna Alecto, but rather the manifestation of Ruks.

Yeah, it’s very surprising that this entity, who is suppose to destroy humanity much like Orochi, has now become allies with Yuinshel Asteria and her friends!

But now, let’s go back to the final battle as Oful Mazdo is preparing to destroy all three Regalias plus Noa.

After all, he doesn’t care about controlling humanity like dolls!

However, it appears that Oful Mazdo’s ultimate attack has failed when a barrier blocked it. Could this be a miracle?

Yup, it’s happening as Ruks have saved Yui’s friends from being killed, which Johann couldn’t believe it.

And speaking of Yui, she and Rena have returned but they have a surprise up their sleeve!

In fact, they needed the power of both Aurea Tisis and Xeno Megaera in order to finish their enemy once and for all!

Meanwhile, Noa will just have to watch the battle as it happens. C’mon, she’s recently free from Johann’s control.

In any case, this is Magna Alecto… or should I say Erinius’ true form thanks to Ruks’ unlimited power.

Speaking of Ruks, Yuinshel Asteria and Rena accompanied her to stop Johann and let’s just say that he’s pissed about it!

Let’s not forget about Sara Kleis and Tia, plus Ingrid Tiesto and Kei as they’re ready to help Yui out.

As much as Johann is omni-potent, the only thing that’s lacking for him is family. I mean, that’s the reason why Johann is envious against Yuinshel right now is because she has companions!

In any case, both Oful Mazdo and Erinius are basically evenly-matched. But then again, the power of friendship will prevail over evil.

And as for Johann, he’s starting to fall apart the moment Ruks has sided with Yui and her friends. Well, he’ll have the same fate as Yamata no Orochi.

Sorry young chap, but you’re just a brat who thinks that the world revolves around you, yet it wasn’t because you’re a prick!

With that said, Oful Mazdo was destroyed and looks like Johann has no will to fight back. The only thing he wants is death ’cause it’s the only option left.

Well, I wanted Johann to get what he fully deserved since he caused the Fall of Rimgarde in the first place, plus isolating Yuinshel Asteria back in Episode 10, I think Actas won’t do it since he suffered already.

Instead, the only thing that needs to be done is to seal Johann to another realm, but not before Ruks joining him because both of them are very dangerous.

Then again, Ruks doesn’t want Johann to be lonely anymore and thus they’re both sealed together! Still, Yui and Rena will remember Ruks because she’s part of the Empress’ family.

But there you have it as Ruks Ex Machina is destroyed, Johann is sealed, and Earth is saved thanks to Yui, Rena, and their companions!

Well, glad that Actas have finally finished Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars after a one-month hiatus. Sure that the story isn’t special or anything since it’s mostly inspired by the Yamata no Orochi legend, but they surely pulled it off without suffering quality issues.

Would it be nice if some characters are even fleshed-out or have a better ending (or even a montage), but at least the mecha battles are animated well and that’s how it goes.

With that said, time for Yui and her friends to start their party at Enastoria! We’ll miss those girls…

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