Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Natsuki Nakagawa and while she’ll become Asuka Tanaka’s replacement in the upcoming national competition, seems that she wants her charismatic club vice-president back by any means.

Then again, I wonder if Natsuki will have a chance next year? I mean, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to prove herself!

Anyways, Kumiko Oumae caught up with Asuka Tanaka on her way home but instead of going straight to her apartment, Kumiko went to visit Asuka’s house instead.

Well, Asuka-sempai previously invited Kumiko to her residence, but Kumiko got sick in the previous episode.

On the other hand, both girls bumped into Kaori Nakaseko where she gives Kumiko a bag of sweet buns.

After all, since Kumiko is going to Asuka’s house anyway, Kaori won’t pass this up as she wants the vice-president back!

Now then, Kumiko Oumae went to Asuka Tanaka’s house for a study session, but it’s just another excuse for some girls’ talk! Also, Asuka’s mother will come home in the evening so it’s just the two of them.

Speaking of Mrs. Tanaka, the reason why she wanted her daughter to quit the concert band club in the first place is because of her ex-husband, who is a famous euphonist named Masakazu Shindou. Wow, this is totally unexpected and I guess Asuka’s mother got fed up of Masakazu’s popularity!

Of course, it didn’t stop there as Asuka began playing the euphonium after receiving it from a mysterious sender, which I believe that it was from her father.

So yeah, this is how Asuka’s relationship with her mother got sour because of Masakazu Shindou. But you know what, Kumiko Oumae wanted Asuka-sempai to keep playing. I mean, Shindou-san will be proud to see his daughter playing the euphonium!

See, Asuka Tanaka is born to play her father’s favorite instrument and I hope her mother understands it. Then again, Mrs. Tanaka insists that her daughter must quit the concert band club at the last minute.

But who know, maybe things will change for the better on the next episode and the tense is killing me for Kitauji High School!

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