Stella no Mahou Episode #09

Here’s Shiina Murakami as she’s planning for a collaboration with a prominent doujin circle in the upcoming Summer Comiket, which I feel that it has already past unless this show doesn’t care about the timeline!

But being the club president of the SNS Club, Murakami needs to handle big responsibilities in order to become successful.

Suddenly, Shiina-sempai got hugged from behind by her club-mate Tamaki Honda. I wonder what happened to her since it seems that she didn’t just hug her club president on a whim?

Turns out that Tamaki is in a slump lately as she can’t draw beautiful characters. Well, Tamaki only draws old guys in her life, which she’s influenced by her daddy’s seinen manga!

But another reason why Tamaki couldn’t draw at the moment is because of Minaha, who has decided to leave the illustration club and jump aboard the SNS Club after being inspired by Aya- I mean Iris-sensei’s work.

And by the way, standing in front of Minaha is Iris-sensei, who is not Ayame Seki minus the glasses.

You know what, I think Ayame-sempai is digging her own grave after her previous “masterpiece” is getting some attention from Minaha and other people!

Meanwhile, this is Natsu Iino who is a member of the illustration club. While Iino-san will give her some advice, I think Tamaki Honda has some time to improve her drawing skills!

See, she’s refining it until it matches Minaha’s standard. Now that’s what I call dedication, but little did she know is that there’s a test coming up and Tamaki will have to study. Then again, she’ll be fine!

In any case, let’s hope that Tamaki Honda’s drawing expertise will stay relevant on the next episode. Otherwise, she’ll be cast away by Minaha…

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