Brave Witches Episode #08

So apart from getting food and supplies from Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen and Sanya V. Litvyak, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing got new weapons including a Liberator pistol, which is sadly useless because there’s no magazine.

On the other hand, it works as a lucky charm which Flying Officer Waltrud Krupinski gave the pistol to Hikari Karibuchi and told about it.

I don’t know if that Liberator pistol would work as a charm, but it’s better than nothing… unless it turn out to be an item that’ll be used later.

Meanwhile, looks like Waltrud Krupinski got a box of macaroons as a gift from Karlsland. Too bad that she didn’t get any grape juice (which is wine by the way) to compliment with the macaroons.

But then, Flying Officer Krupinski found something hidden in her macaroon, which are actually confidential files of the Neuroi core-powered Warlock mecha from Strike Witches Season 1.

Come to think of it, I wonder if this spin-off will have Neuroi-powered mecha that’ll replace Witches?

Anyways, Waltrud Krupinski and her hand-picked team-mates are on an escort mission where they must defend an incoming Britannian fleet until it reached Murmansk.

Of course, it’ll be a long voyage so these four Witches will have occasional stops from time to time.

On the other hand, here’s something that wasn’t featured in previous TV series until now: Ground-based Witches in which they’re anthropomorphic tanks.

You know what, I feel that it needs a spin-off of these Witches…

Anyways, the Witches from the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing has arrived in Murmansk and they’re greeted by new Striker Units to use for their upcoming mission.

Well, I have to say that they’re lucky to have it!

And now, it’s time for some rest and relaxation before the mission. On the other hand, Waltrud Krupinski is happy that she’s chugging a bottle of wi- I mean grape juice in the sauna.

Then again, I feel that drinking liquor before their sortie is the worst idea ever!

In fact, this is what happens when someone got drunk and fell asleep inside the sauna. All three Witches are fine, but Waltrud Krupinski is lagging behind the pack!

Hell, this Flying Officer is feeling so sluggish today. Honestly, she should save the grape juice after the mission!

Speaking of their escort mission, seems that the Britannian fleet is under attack by the Neuroi. Yeah, the Brits sure have a bad timing on this episode!

Fortunately, Waltrud Krupinski got rid of her soberness and protected one ship from a direct hit.

Well, the reason why she got reinvigorated is because there’s a Witch within the Britannian fleet. Wow, can’t believe that Waltrud got motivated by girls that easily!

Still, Waltrud’s squad will have to destroy the sphere Neuroi from wiping out the entire fleet.

Regardless on whether Britannia has some dubious machinery on-board, the Brave Witches will have to defend their allies.

Meanwhile, Hikari Karibuchi gave the Liberator pistol to the Flying Officer, which Hikari-chan believes that it’ll protect Waltrud Krupinski from harm.

I hope that pistol does serve its purpose later on this episode!

But now, it’s time for the Flying Officer to flex her muscles against the Neuroi.

Oh, and Waltrud gained some boost in magic, but her Striker Unit won’t last long in the fight. Guess it’s time for Krupinski to end this battle…

…by shooting a rocket-propelled grenade onto the core. Looks like the Neuroi is done for!

Unfortunately for Waltrud Krupinski, she got blown away by the Neuroi and I have to say that the Flying Officer will be one of the casualties.

With that said, the battle is over as the Britannian Fleet has reached Murmansk with all the cargo intact.

Still, we’ll never know what’s the content that brought over from Britannia.

On the other hand, seems that Waltrud Krupinski survived as it turns out that the Liberator pistol saved her from getting a fatal wound. Looks like the pistol wasn’t useless after all!

In any case, all’s well that ends well and the Countess is getting some treatment from one of the Witches from Britannia. Sucks that it wasn’t Lynette Bishop, and I forgot to tell you that this episode didn’t end on a happier note…

…because it turns out that the Neuroi has regenerated itself and also absorbs Waltrud’s Striker Unit. I have a feeling that the Neuroi would transform into a Witch or something else.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and I feel that things are getting serious in the last 4 episodes!

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