Fune wo Amu Episode #08

Well, looks like Genbu Shobo’s Dictionary Editorial Department has a new recruit named Midori Kishibe!

Anyways, Kishibe came from a fashion magazine and the reason why she was transferred to this department is because of some criticism from readers and co-workers. But you know what, Midori-san will face some challenges…

…especially towards Mitsuya Majime, who is now the chief editor of the Dictionary Editorial Department.

Also, it turns out that 13 years have passed and The Great Passage is not yet finished. Damn, can’t believe that this show got a large time-skip but at least Mitsuya is doing fine, albeit having that slight awkwardness!

Meanwhile, here’s Kaguya Hayashi who not only became a chef (and the owner of her own restaurant), but also Mitsuya’s wife. Wow, so many things have happened after the time-skip!

Still, Midori Kishibe felt that she’s out-of-place at the Dictionary Editorial Department and therefore contemplating for her resignation.

However, Masashi Nishioka proves otherwise that Kishibe can fit well in her new workplace. In fact, Masashi-san told Midori that she understands words better just like Mitsuya-san, which is helpful for the completion of Genbu Shobo’s dictionary masterpiece… if the company still care about it.

In any case, glad that Midori Kishibe is doing well on helping Mitsuya Majime. Still, time is ticking and there’s no indication on when will The Great Passage be published as this series has 3 episodes to go. I’m hoping that it’s smooth-sailing from there onwards!

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