Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #10

This is Ako Hatada, an ordinary girl whose father is in jail for murdering his wife. Her life was miserable until she met Snow White, which Ako’s life was changed forever…

…and became Hardgore Alice. Sadly for Hardgore Alice, Snow White is so distraught of these current events that she wanted to quit.

Hardgore Alice tried to cheer Snow White up, but it appears that she’s so depressed that Snow White ran away from Alice. That’s unfortunate, but it’s not the end of it all.

It turns out that Hardgore Alice… or should I say Ako Hatada was attacked by Swim-Swim. Oh, and she’s not transformed at this this, which is sucks because Hardgore Alice’s ability is useful.

Anyways, Ako Hatada has been mercilessly murdered and fuck Swim-Swim for taking the opportunity to kill another magical girl.

Snow White arrived at the scene, but it’s too little too late to rescue Ako or Hardgore Alice. I have to say that her only regret was not spending more time with Snow White, but at least Ako told how her life was changed before biting the dust!

In any case, the number of magical girls in Nabuka City has been reduced to 6, but how did Swim-Swim attacked Ako Hatada so easily?

Well, turns out that Minael is the one who revealed Hardgore Alice’s true identity, which she used her ability to transform into Alice’s stuffed bunny and spy on her.

Still, Yunael’s death won’t get avenged and Minael is so angsty about it!

I mean, the Peaky Angels or should I say the Amasato twins are inseparable in any way possible.

Meanwhile, Cranberry is excited to see another strong opponent, although the Forest Musician claims that she’s invincible.

On the other hand, it’s pretty much clear that this “game” is designed to give Cranberry a challenge, albeit an unfair one because Fav is helping the Forest Musician on winning it. And speaking of Fav, this mascot is making shit up because it’s fun to see magical girls suffer, all while keeping the creators in the dark.

Ugh, I hate both of them and I’ll even more pissed if they’ll repeat the process to a new batch of magical girls!

But let’s go back to Cranberry as she punched a rock, which turned out to be Minael. And by the way, trickery won’t beat the Forest Musician because she’s too damn powerful!

With that said, the number of magical girls have been reduced to 5 and it’ll have more deaths on the next episode.

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